Welcome to the NEW Multicultural Familia!

new multicultural familia, website for multicultural families, multicultural magazine

Welcome to the NEW Multicultural Familia!

Happy Monday and Welcome to the NEW Multicultural Familia website!  We’ve got some new and updated features to share with you this morning!  For starters, we’ve revamped our site to include more spaces to feature our upcoming media partners and favorite social causes!  We’re also working on making things more interactive for each and everyone of YOU, our readers.  We’re going to have more regular events happening both online and off, where you can join us to chat about your favorite topics, support #SocialGood and connect with us on a more personal level.

Multicultural Familia was founded in 2011 by a passionate group of multicultural bloggers who wanted to amplify the voices of the multicultural and mixed race communities online?  View the list of our influential founding bloggers here: http://www.biculturalmom.com/multicultural-familia/

The site has grown and evolved so much since then, but many of the original bloggers are still here writing almost two years later!  We’ve also featured a number of other guest bloggers (and even some non-bloggers) on the site since those days and we plan to keep growing and adding new voices to our influential network here on Multicultural Familia!

Below you’ll find a quick guide to some of the new features and minor adjustments to the site that we hope will help you to navigate our pages a bit more easily.  We look forward to your feedback and to interacting with you online!  Join us on Facebook and Twitter to add your thoughts and stay tuned for more exciting announcements!


new multicultural familia, website for multicultural families, multicultural magazine

#1 – Our NEW Logo

Yup!  We have a fab new logo, rebranded to emphasize our intentions.  We welcome you to show it off on your own sites by linking up to us with these nifty badges: http://www.multiculturalfamilia.com/badges

#2 – Quick Links

To easily navigate the site, we’ve included some of our most relevant and important links at the top and bottom of our site.  We may adjust these a bit from time to time, but if you need to access a page that isn’t listed, you can also search the page title or keywords by using the search bar in our navigation menu.

#3 – Promotional Banner

We’ve added this great promotional banner front and center on our site to announce important news and promote causes and action campaigns.  Please keep watch for notices from our media partners and featured social causes.

#4 – Feedback Tab

This is a great new feature that we hope you will contribute to often!  If you click on the tab, you’ll notice that it gives you the option to add feedback and ideas for improving the site or adding new stories and activities.  Please do let us know what you would like to see on Multicultural Familia and tell us how we’re doing and where improvements are needed.  We’re always open to listening and we’d like you to think of this as your personal forum for discussions about the evolution of Multicultural Familia.

#5 – Follow Box

Are you following us yet?  If not, we’ve made it super easy to follow, get updates and reach out to us online.  At the top and bottom of the site, you’ll find social buttons so you can keep up with us year ’round and meet up with us online for some exciting upcoming events.  We hope you’ll join us!

#6 – Causes We Support

In the sidebar, you’ll notice we have another feature box for showcasing our favorite causes.  Right now we’re featuring some fab initiatives from @OneBrownGirl and we hope you’ll send her a quick tweet to show your support too!  From time to time, we’ll switch these up and feature new organizations.  We hope you’ll keep and eye on them and stop by to visit their webpages to leave a kind word, make a donation or show them some love in whatever way you are able!

#7 – Featured Stories

Our featured slider will preview a select collection of posts from our site that we think you’ll enjoy.  We’ll always feature a mix of topics and writers, often switching them weekly.  Watch for a new selection of posts every Monday and please do share them with your family and friends!

new multicultural familia, website for multicultural families, multicultural magazine

#8 – List Your Blog

If you’re a blogger and you think you have something awesome to share, please visit our directory and submit a form to have your blog listed.  Your voice is just one of many that we believe needs to be amplified and creating an international directory where bloggers can find other voices like theirs is an important part of our mission!  We’re also listing small businesses, authors and entrepreneurs…so if you’ve got a website, we want you to list it with us!  List your website here: http://directory.multiculturalfamilia.com/submit-your-site/

#9 – Our Favorite Links

At Multicultural Familia, we love sharing links!  This is why we’ve created our directory and highlighted many specialty shops and publishers that create products for multicultural families.  At the bottom of all our pages we’ll be showcasing all our favorite links via some fun, clickable image links.  Just click them to be directed to our link lists and featured pages.

#10 – Follow Your Favorite Writers

Did you know that you can follow your favorite writers on Multicultural Familia?  Click on the author’s name to see a full listing of the stories they’ve written!  (Author RSS feeds coming soon!)

#11 – Write For Us

We’re always excited to feature new writers!  You don’t have to be an expert or have experience as a writer to have your story featured on Multicultural Familia.  We accept writers at a variety of  skill levels and we go through each story to edit before it’s published, so no worries about grammar…it’s not even an issue here.  ;)  To learn more about how you can have your story featured on our site, start here: http://www.multiculturalfamilia.com/get-involved/

If you’re a small business, organization, author or other professional interested in sharing your expertise or promoting an initiative or offering, please visit: http://www.multiculturalfamilia.com/promote/

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