A Family Shattered by Hurricane Sandy, Mourns Two Beautiful Boys

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Glenda Moore, and her husband, Damian Moore, react as they approach the scene where their children’s bodies were discovered in Staten Island, New York. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

A Family Shattered by Hurricane Sandy

connor and brandon moore, hurricane sandy, interracial couple, black mom, new york

Brandon Moore, 2; Connor Moore, 4. (Photo Credit: NY Daily News)

She felt her children, her babies, her little boys, sucked from her grasp. She stared into a killer storm, screaming, for any sign of her sons – her sons, but they were gone…both of them. Desperately begging, screaming, banging, breaking windows…for help. Help that never came. And so she continued to wail, in a sorrow so deep and frantic, for twelve hours and still no one came to help a mother who would never again see her kids alive. Twelve hours – the roar of her desperation met only by the howl of the hurricane that snatched her babies.

Connor was just four years old and his little brother, Brandon, was only two. After their car stalled while Glenda Moore was attempting to get her young children to safety at a relative’s house, she freed them from their car seats while the water rose up around them. With Connor and Brandon in her arms, she fought to save them but, in an instant, they were gone.

Surely someone would open their door for her…nope. Certainly another person would have the parental instinct to risk themselves and help her search for her babies…nope. Undoubtedly some individual would pick up their phone and at least call 911 for a mother desperate to save her two and four-year-olds…nope. Most definitely another human being would let her in to their home during the worst storm in this region’s history…nope. Not one door opened, not one mouth uttered a comforting word, not one soul saw past fear enough to gain sight of a terror so much greater than their own.

When a hurricane named Sandy finally calmed, these horrified parents’ real storm had barely just begun. The bodies of the young brothers were found just yards apart – among mud, trees, and debris. That’s the last mental picture that Damian and Glenda Moore will ever have of their sons. Their little Halloween costumes were never worn, Thanksgiving will be a miserable next, and the Christmas tree will not shelter the gifts of children. There will be no fifth and third birthday celebrations. The Moore’s went from being the mommy and daddy of two blessings…to the parents of lovely memories.

They will need our prayers. Whatever your language, whatever your beliefs, whatever you call your God – lift this family up with your words and hearts. For them, I have ached with an empathy pain that is uncomfortably as close as I ever want to be to what they are feeling. For them, I have cried the tears of a mother who holds her kids a little closer now. For Damian and Glenda Moore, my heart will continue to hurt, knowing that their devastation is also what binds us all together – as parents who love our children as deeply as they loved theirs.

Donate to Help Damian & Glenda Moore

A relief effort has come together to help the parents of Connor and Brandon.  To give them hope and the respect of a proper funeral for their two beautiful sons.  A fellow blogger published this post about her connection to friends of the family and shared a link to get involved.  If you have it in you to give, please click the link below to learn how.

You can donate here: http://www.youcaring.com/fundraiser_details?fundraiser_id=12916&url=brandonandconnormoore#.UJUpXZrEvIk.facebook

Learn more about this story: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Missing-Boys-Staten-Island-Body-Sandy-Hurricane-Disaster-176801031.html


Contact: Susanna Silva at susannarsilva@gmail.com for more details.




  1. says

    Oh my! I had not heard of this tragic story. This breaks my heart. I can not imagine losing one child, let alone two. My heart aches for this family. I do not understand how any one (much less any mother) stand by and not offer any help what so ever. Unimaginable! Praying for this famiy.

    • Terri says

      This is awful! But this was a hard place to put anyone. First of all the power was out. Unless you had the old phone lines, you can call 911. Otherwise if power is out then phone lines that are connected to the internet is out too. I was talking to my husband about this and he said that he would have went out to help look. But the truth is, if she couldnt swim and find them, how would anyone else. (without a boat and other tools?) In another article her sister said she was a strong swimmer and the storm/waves were too powerful for her. Why did she take that route to the bridge? There was a shorter route to the bridge from her house. Her house wasnt in danger of flooding, just the power went out. She made many stupid decisions, and I do feel so bad for her & her family as well. But it really is not fair for everyone to blame the people that would not go out and look for her kids. She did not ask to go into their house. She was asking them to go into the water and find her kids. I cant imagine this. I cant imagine that I would have stopped looking for them and go and try to get help. There is nothing noone could have done. Please look at this site, it has pictures and everything from her house to the bridge, etc.

  2. says

    I have this image in my head that I can not shake of this mom huddled all alone and sobbing in 90 mph winds with flooding all around her and she does not know the fate of her babies.

    This thought alone is beyond excruciating to me, so I can not begin to FATHOM what she and her family are experiencing.

    Glenda will remain in my thoughts and prayers for a very long time…

    …just heartbreaking :(

  3. says

    OK, so for the sake of information, I checked out this article. Believe me, as a mother I have a few questions about why she was out in the storm, however, her decision making isn’t on trial. She forever lost her babies. Forever. Never another giggle or belly laugh, never their hugs or kisses, never another “I love you, Mama”, never another first or last anything. I have no doubt that better choices could have been made, but once I got to this part of the article you suggested…I was done reading:
    “But giving the homeowner the benefit of the doubt, he could have mistaken the black woman for a black man. It was dark out. She admits that she threw a flowerpot at his house. Should he have been afraid of a black person throwing things at his house, after dark, during a hurricane? The very same evening, a white Yeshiva student was brutally beaten up by a gang of blacks in Crown Heights. So yes, I think he was justified in being fearful in that situation. With 20/20 hindsight, one wishes he had been a little braver about investigating why a black person was throwing things at his house. No one is going to give this guy an award for good citizenship, but his behavior is understandable, and he didn’t have any legal duty to help her in that situation.”
    Now what on earth does a white person getting beaten by a group of black people, or whether the person needing help from this homeowner was a man or a woman (black, as the article keeps reminding), have to do with a human being, a mother (or a father, if the person banging was a man), desperately needing help during a tragedy? What does that mean, he had no legal duty? No one asked about his “legal duty” – or his racial duty…just his human duty. That’s all.
    What’s more disgusting, and has me competely ill, is the amount of hateful, ignorant, and racist comments at the end of the article you suggested. Clearly I know you didn’t write the article – at least I hope not. And I respect you for seeking two sides to the story if you felt the need for that. That, however, was not my goal or desire. I don’t care if she panicked, made wrong choices, should have stayed in her home, or if her husband shoud have called into work and been with his family. None of that is what I cared to remind them, or anyone else, of. None of that justifies the deaths of two innocents, or makes The Moore’s pain any less. To the contrary, the regret of the culmination of events that claimed the lives of their only babies is most likely more of a catalyst for their pain, to a place I pray their hearts and marriage can survive.

  4. D says

    It is heart breaking… My daughter goes to school with Connor and all the young kids think he one day would come back… They both little Angels…may God rest their soul and give the family peace