Dying to Vote: Don’t Let Their Struggle be in Vain

Don’t Let Their Struggle be in Vain

My Precious Babies,

Mommy voted today. I didn’t get to vote during the last Presidential election because I was with you, D’Lo, at Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital – witnessing the fight of your life. Already an emotional wreck from watching your battle, I cried deep tears when Barack Obama was elected. I knew in that moment, glancing between the TV and your tiny sleeping body, that now when I told you that you could be ANYTHING you wanted when you grew up – even the President – I was telling you the truth. My children’s reality shifted in the span of one Tuesday in 2008.

Four years later, filling out my ballot, and I realized…this will be the last presidential election that you, Boo Boo and Mamacita, will be unable to participate in due to your age. I hope expect that you will value your right to vote. I insist that you respect the sacrifices made by others to ensure you that right. I urge you to honor them by exercizing that right. It will be sometime before you guys (D’Lo and AD) are old enough but you, Dee Dee, will have these opportunities in 2020 and I fully anticipate your understanding of the fight that won you this right.

Listen to your mama now…you are my babies…

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