#KidsVOTE Live Tweets!

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Celebrate Voting as a Family!

Over the weekend, we asked you to share your pictures of your kids at the polls, your stories and blog posts about kids and politics.  Now we’re sharing them here with our readers!  Below is a round-up of links about parenting and politics, as well as our Storify thread full of your fabulous photos and some live tweets from our tweetchat today!

Thanks to everyone who has joined in and shared their photos, links and tweets with us!  Add your own links below in the comments!

Parenting & Politics Links:

Raising Civically Responsible Kids

Kids and Politics: Teaching Political Efficacy and the Power of Voting

Make Voting a Family Tradition

Dying to Vote: Don’t Let Their Struggle be in Vain

The Power of Voting & Kids at the Polls


#KidsVOTE LIVE Tweets!

We’re sharing your stories via Twitter!  You send in your pictures and stories – and also joined in on our LIVE Tweetchat!  See what other families are sharing below!  We’re still updating!  Tweet us and we’ll add your tweets and photos!

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Celebrate Voting as a Family! Join us on Twitter at #KidsVOTE http://www.multiculturalfamilia.com/2012/11/02/celebrate-voting-as-a-family-join-us-on-twitter-at-kidsvote/ via @mfammagMulticulturalFamilia
We already voted. You should too.http://pic.twitter.com/NvXZIjE5 #Forward #Obama2012 #KidsVote #NCVotesEarly #SheVotes #BlueNC #GOTVBrinda 47%  Estrella
Voting at the Midterm elections in 2010! Yes, even #CuriousGeorge voted!  ;)  #KidsVOTE #Election2012 @MFamMag http://pic.twitter.com/eZ4a1ttsChantilly Patiño
Lilyana’s first trip to the polls! Here she is with grandma just after the 2008 election.  :)  #KidsVOTE @MFamMag http://pic.twitter.com/YYkY39iOChantilly Patiño
Raising Civically Responsible Kids http://latinacomm.com/raising-civically-responsible-kids/ via @LatinaComm #KidsVOTE #Election2012MulticulturalFamilia
Take your kids to the polls—there’s no better way to set an example for the next generation of Americans: http://OFA.BO/CWzCNb #KidsVoteMichelle Obama
@DontMessWithMom rocks #kidsvote mail-in style. http://redbk.co/6012pHkQ http://pic.twitter.com/1QgSkCgYREDBOOK
Had to pass on our #KidsVOTE pics to @MFamMag!  Voting is a family affair and a fabulous teachable moment! http://pic.twitter.com/oczub3h8Adrianna D. Lupher
Can’t leave out La Rubia’s first Election experience! @MFamMag #KidsVOTE http://pic.twitter.com/h7JbYaA5Adrianna D. Lupher
@MFamMag La Rubia is crazy! I consider this an improvement…she normally tries to eat stickers.  #dontask #KidsVOTEAdrianna D. Lupher
@MFamMag Proud future voters! #KidsVOTE http://pic.twitter.com/W1j7WQ0nmomsgoneglobal
My take on kids and politics- focus on efficacy! Plus pic of Alina w/Daddy D at voting polls. @MFamMag #KidsVOTE http://www.desumama.com/kids-and-politics-teaching-political-efficacy-and-the-power-of-voting/Vanessa, De Su Mama
Teaching the power voting by example! #kidsvote @MFamMag @MichelleObama http://pic.twitter.com/Zb0uKV7FJen Marshall Duncan
I voted for the first time when I was 8 #KidsVote lolTeryn Watley
Kids vote and reelect Barack Obama http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/11/04/1153543/-Kids-vote-and-reelect-Barack-Obama  #kidsvote #electionsmatter  #ObamaBidenakmk
Do you take your kids to the polls?  Many families are – here’s one!  :) #KidsVOTE #VOTE2012 #Election2012 http://fb.me/25pDmetCIMulticulturalFamilia
Dying to Vote: Don’t Let Their Struggle be in Vain http://www.multiculturalfamilia.com/2012/11/06/dying-to-vote-dont-let-their-struggle-be-in-vain/ via @mfammagJen Marshall Duncan
Mornin #Vegas, did you #vote yet? Get to it! #BuildYourLegacy #vegasbloggers #KidsVOTE http://instagr.am/p/Rsn1x9Scf6/Vanessa, De Su Mama
#kidsvote riley and I voted today!! :) http://pic.twitter.com/Vlzj6eEtKrissa Mae Fisher
, I VOTED (: Lol #KidsVote #Obama http://instagr.am/p/RsqhJ8QHWp/Ra’Neisha J. Wilson™
Yehawwww #goromney #loveyou @mittromney #romneyryan #voted #kidsvote http://instagr.am/p/RsnbE_nuQG/Zoe Stovik
So cute! #kidsvote http://pic.twitter.com/6po8zGM8REDBOOK
Election 2012 #kidsvoteGo vote!! http://instagr.am/p/RsZfEnCOnX/Mrs. F
#KidsVote !! #Obama #2012  http://instagr.am/p/RsR0Svu-Zj/ http://pic.twitter.com/YoclkvfOBitchGoStepOnALeqo.
They voted!!! #kidsvote http://instagr.am/p/RsL3qwLn9l/marocmama
Welcome to the chat everyone! First, if you haven’t shared a pic of your kids yet, jump in now! ;) #instagram #twitpic #kidsvoteMulticulturalFamilia
You can read our #KidsVOTE LIVE Tweets here: http://sfy.co/jBMN  #storify #kidsvote #election2012 #kidsvoteMulticulturalFamilia
Q1: Why do you think it’s important for kids to #mockvote or go to the polls with their parents? #kidsvoteMulticulturalFamilia
What’s up? @MFamMag! Having the hardest time concentrating today! #kidsvoteAdrianna D. Lupher
Welcome to the chat chica!  ;)  RT @milmoneychica: Whats up? @MFamMag! Having the hardest time concentrating today! #kidsvoteMulticulturalFamilia
RT @DeSuMama: Lets do this! "@MFamMag: We’re getting ready to start our #KidsVOTE chat! 30 quick mins of #parentingtalk! @MarocMama @DeSuMama #kidsvote"Adrianna D. Lupher
Many parents believe that the way to teach our kids value is to demonstrate it. What do you think? #kidsvoteMulticulturalFamilia
Aboslutely, @MFamMag.  Just like teaching kids their manners, how treat others, we’ve got to teach them how to be good citizens. #kidsvoteAdrianna D. Lupher
@marocmama @desumama @milmoneychica What do you think the benefits are for kids that learn young abt the importance of voting? #kidsvoteMulticulturalFamilia
@MFamMag @DeSuMama @milmoneychica Understanding the process and that they as a single person are important in the process! #kidsvotemarocmama
@MFamMag My girls, ages 2 & 6 have each been present and in line for two elections a piece.  La Grande is excited to play a part. #kidsvoteAdrianna D. Lupher
I believe that it teaches them early that their voice counts & that they have a right to be heard. #PoliticsandParenting  #kidsvoteMulticulturalFamilia
That we are citizens of a country that affords us the freedom of exercing choice and our voice. @MFamMag @marocmama @DeSuMama #KidsVoteAdrianna D. Lupher
Did you bring your kids with you to the polls today? Why or why not? #kidsvotemarocmama
RT @MangoTomato: RT @marocmama: Did you bring your kids with you to the polls today? Why or why not? #kidsvoteMulticulturalFamilia
I will. Always do. Civics lesson! RT @marocmama: Did you bring your kids with you to the polls today? Why or why not? #kidsvoteChristina Gleason
@marocmama Yes. Because it is their job to know! :) http://www.thedoseofreality.com/2012/11/05/politics-of-the-playground/ #KidsVoteThe Dose of Reality
Yes we did! We voted early as a family on Saturday in Florida @marocmama #KidsVoteAdrianna D. Lupher
RT @MFamMag: @BrindaStar @BiculturalMom @redbookmag @MFamMag You’ve been quoted in my #Storify story "#KidsVOTE LIVE Tweets!" http://sfy.co/jBMNBrinda 47%  Estrella
@Natalia_AaE  and I just voteed. #kidsvoteAli Hernandez
Q2: Do you feel impartiality is important or do you prefer to pass on your values? How do you balance both? #kidsvoteMulticulturalFamilia
Q2.@MFamMag I think it is important to pass on values but to encourage critical thinking. Know why you think what you think #kidsvoteAdrianna D. Lupher
Do you remember the first time you voted? How did you feel at that moment?? #kidsvoteMulticulturalFamilia
First time #voting? I felt apart of something bigger than me! #kidsvoteAdrianna D. Lupher
Who was the first president you voted for? I’ll always remember my little guy saying "Maroc Obama" #kidsvotemarocmama
@MFamMag I felt empowered when I voted! Had to wait 4 years after I turned 18. The day had finally arrived. #kidsvoteLaura Tellado
My primitas are being raised civic-minded. Their first hamster’s name was Obama. The other? Hannah Montana. *SIGH* #kidsvoteLaura Tellado
I actually wrote about incorporating your kids in voting. #kidsvote #electionday2012 http://militarymoneychica.com/make-voting-a-family-tradition/Adrianna D. Lupher
RT @ChildrensColo: We all know what day it is including our patients. It’s never to early to have a voice. #kidsvote http://pic.twitter.com/XMRwUC7sKarena
RT @Laurita86: I voted at age 21 for 1st time– for @BarackObama. #kidsvoteTony Hernandez
@MFamMag I turned 18 exactly 2 weeks after the Bush-Kerry election in 2004. But I phone banked, canvassed! #kidsvoteLaura Tellado
@MFamMag Yes! Both hamsters have since passed away, but I’ll never forget that. #HamsterObama #kidsvoteLaura Tellado
When we vote, we stand proud & proclaim who we are & what we stand for as Americans. Why wouldn’t you teach that to your kids? #KidsVoteAdrianna D. Lupher
Final thoughts- What is the one thing that every child should know about voting?? #kidsvoteMulticulturalFamilia
Kids need 2 understand that they cast their own ballot. Their choice, their voice. We need 2 teach them 2 stand 4 something. #kidsvoteMulticulturalFamilia
It is your right, responsibility, and something you should be proud to do.  @MFamMag: Final Thoughts on #KidsvoteAdrianna D. Lupher
We really DO need to educate & empower kids to learn early. Wish I had started sooner, too! Let’s start NOW. #HamstersForObama #KidsVoteLaura Tellado
RT @Laurita86: @nicholee Woot woot! Yes! Rock the vote. @MFamMag @milmoneychica #kidsvoteAdrianna D. Lupher
Not even close!! #election2012 #kidsvote @BarackObama @MittRomney http://pic.twitter.com/ZgO1UudYTiana Ahmann
@milmoneychica @laurita86 @marocmama @desumama Thanks for joining in the chat!!  :) #kidsvoteMulticulturalFamilia
Thanks for hosting! What a blast! RT @MFamMag @Laurita86 @marocmama @DeSuMama Thanks for joining in the chat!! :) #kidsvoteAdrianna D. Lupher
Exec. Ed. Meredith hits the polls. #kidsvote http://pic.twitter.com/VFO8ZmyPREDBOOK
My 5yo at 2 in 2008. She’s outgrown the shirt but is as hard core a fan as ever! :) #kidsvote #voteobama! http://pic.twitter.com/RfTTsRLbLauraAtVMV
RT @MomsGoneGlobal: @MFamMag Proud future voters! #KidsVOTE http://pic.twitter.com/W1j7WQ0nREDBOOK
RT @lizaogolden: @MichelleObama my son mailed our ballots yesterday and was so proud he voted. #KidsVote http://pic.twitter.com/zZRAbnSZREDBOOK
Bet you can’t guess who we early voted for. #NCVotesEarly #BlueNC #Forward! #kidsvote @redbookmag http://pic.twitter.com/vNVcZ0i8Brinda 47%  Estrella