The Power of Voting & Kids at the Polls

the power of voting

Image credit: Jen Marshall Duncan

The Power of Voting

Do you know how precious the right to vote is?

Many have died trying to do something as simple as filling in the dot on a ballot. The privilege of going to the polls is something we should all recognize and appreciate. Our children need to learn not to take the right to vote for granted. That is why I always take my children with me to the polls to vote.

No matter which candidate or what party you affiliate with, it is your responsibility as a citizen to express your beliefs through voting.  Take advantage of a right that many in the world do not have. Head to the polls to vote today!

Did you know?

  • In the United States, it was illegal for women to vote until 1920
  • Hundreds of people lost their lives trying to get African-Americans the right to vote during the Civil Rights movement in the U.S. between 1954-1968 (see some of these heroes here on the Southern Poverty Law website)
  • Today, in 11 states you can lose your right to vote permanently. 5 million people–mostly African-Americans and Latinos–are unable to vote. (For more information, visit the ACLU’s Voter Disenfranchisement site here)

When you look at how many lost their lives trying to give us the right to vote, it seems like a disservice to not cast a ballot! Don’t let the lives of so many be in vain. Make their lives continue to have meaning by doing what they fought for you to do—VOTE!

Image Credit: Jen Marshall Duncan

Don’t know who to vote for? You can either study the ballot at your polling place before casting your vote, or look in your local paper before heading to the polls. If you still are unsure, vote only in the areas you feel informed about. Every time you cast a vote for anything on the ballot, you are practicing democracy. Use your voice! Election Day is one of the most important ways of making yourself heard.

Kids at the Polls

Not only is it important to vote yourself, but it is also so important to teach your children about voting.

Join me in taking your children to the polls.

Teach them to appreciate Election Day as a day where their voices can be heard. Let them witness you taking advantage of your rights, and encourage them to cast their own ballot at school on Tuesday during the Kids Voting event.