New Romantic Greeting Cards for Mixed Race Couples

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New Romantic Greeting Cards for Mixed Race Couples

World’s first romantic greeting card brand for couples who love in color

By Michele Hunt/Colors Greetings LLC

November 13, 2012Philadelphia, PA – Ethnically mixed couples have very little choice when it comes to romantic greeting cards, so today, Colors Greetings LLC and Colours Greetings Ltd. (UK) launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a romantic greeting card brand that can represent all mixed race couples, regardless of their ethnic or gender make-up.

About Colors Greetings

When African American Michele Hunt met her white European fiance Christian, the couple had a problem finding romantic greeting cards that could reflect their ethnic combination, and after a little bit of research they realized that there were no cards available at all for millions of other mixed race couples.

Michele and Christian discovered that at a time when 15% of all new marriages in the USA are mixed race, according to Pew Research Center Publications , no greeting card brand is able to cater to all sectors of this large and growing market, due to the very diverse nature of these relationships.

According to Michele, “Christian and I thought that it must be possible to create romantic greeting cards for all couples who are like us… …”. So, the two set up Colors Greetings to design the world’s first customizable character-based e-card and printables system that enables every couple to create greeting cards that reflect their particular ethnic make-up.

About the “Colors Bears”

The Colors Greetings cards feature the eight “Colors Bears”, which are made up of four females and males of every major race. Couples can choose the two ethnic teddy bears that best reflect their mixed race relationship, be it black and white, Asian and Middle Eastern, Southern European and Native American, or any other combination.

The Colors Greetings character-based approach is capable of representing any mixed race relationship, no matter what its race or gender make-up may be.

A Lifestyle brand for change

The lack of a romantic greeting card brand capable of representing interracial couples in all their diversity has meant that these couples were not just unable to find greeting cards that reflect their ethnic mix, they couldn’t find all the other mementos, keepsakes and romantic gifts, most take for granted, either.

With Colors Greetings, millions of couples can finally send romantic greeting cards that symbolize the make-up of their particular relationship, buy ethnic plush teddy bears for each other and have wedding cake toppers they can identify with. The Colors Greetings lifestyle brand provides a wide range of romantic merchandising goods for mixed race couples everywhere.

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About Indiegogo

Indiegogo is a web-based crowdfunding platform that enables entrepreneurs, artists and good causes to raise funds by pitching their projects to the general public.

The Colors Greetings Indiegogo campaignhopes to raise funds to finance the coding of its e-card and printables site and the design of plush toy versions of their principle characters, the “Colors Bears”.

Please click the link to visit the Colors Greetings Indiegogo page and watch the “Colors Bears” in motion.


To learn more about Colors Greetings/Colours Greetings, please contact:

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Christian Gorny, CEO (Colors Greetings LLC, Colours Greetings Ltd.)
Tel: +44 (0)1633 660 042

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