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Latino & Jewish: Why I chose Hanukkah over Christmas

By Trina Hernandez

“Somos judios sefarditas.”

“Whaa… ¿En serio?”

“Si, mira…”

Hearing my Dad explain to me our ancestry was something that made my soul feel complete. I could literally hear a click within me. The questions I had for so long about who I was were finally answered. Questions such as, why the inexplicable urge to give my son Jewish names? Or why did I feel so whole when I first stepped into a synagogue? And why can I not like pork, what is wrong with me? And most importantly, what is up with this innate feeling telling me I should relax and take time for YHWH and to grow spiritually from Friday evening to Saturday? All along… it was my ancestry speaking to me.

I’m Jewish…

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