Republicans Dismayed Over Loss of the Asian Vote {BlogHer}

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Republicans Dismayed over “loss” of the Asian Vote {BlogHer}

by Grace Hwang Lynch

Don’t make me say I told you so.

In Mandarin Chinese, there is a phrase, wo gei ni shuo. Literally translated, it means, “Let me tell you…” But it also implies that you should pull up a chair, because what I have to say is going to take a few minutes, and you better listen, because there I’ve got some opinions and advice to give you.

Asian Americans were a prime voting bloc during the 2012 elections, with large numbers of young, first-time and undecided voters. I wrote about it last summer, as did PBS and MSNBC. Some even speculated that Asian voters were the Republicans’ to lose.

But the GOP political strategists didn’t seem to listen. Neither President Obama nor Governor Mitt Romney showed up at a Town Hall meeting organized by APIA Vote. Instead, Obama sent Rep. Mike Honda, a longtime advocate for the Asian American community, while Romney sent former Rep. Tom Davis.

As the post-election quarterbacking heads into its second month, pundits are now turning their gaze on this forgotten group, wondering, if Asians are so good at math, why didn’t they vote Republican? The fact is that 73% of Asian Americans cast their ballots for Obama – that’s a higher percentage of Democratic support than even the coveted Latino bloc…

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