Web411 – Latinos in Lit, Racist Costumes, Serena Williams Impersonation + more {Dec 10, 2012}

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Web411 – Community News {Dec 10, 2012}

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Young Latino Students Don’t See Themselves in Books
Educators say grade-school students develop reading skills better when they are engaged by characters with whom they can identify. For Hispanic children, that’s hard to find.
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‘Racist’ Mexican Costumes by Penn State, Baylor Students Under Investigation
Photos showing students at both Baylor and Penn State Universities dressed in Mexican costumes, deemed by some as racist and offensive, have raised an online firestorm and have prompted at least one…
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Serena Williams Impersonation: Is Caroline Wozniacki’s Imitation Of The Tennis Star Racist?
Serena Williams’ assets became the focus of a mid-game prank by tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki. Stuffing both her chest and shorts with padding…
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FTC probes mobile apps firms over child privacy concerns
The agency found that the vast majority of developers of kids’ apps collected data on children but didn’t disclose that to users…
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Searching for the Historical Truth in African and American Indian Relationships
Tiya Miles has a passion for learning about how what happened in America’s early history still affects society, in particular the interactions between African and American Indian peoples…
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