Day of the Dead Catrina Makeup Tutorial

Day of the Dead Catrina Makeup Tutorial

by Carly Ryan, Makeup Artist Day of the Dead Catrina Makeup Tips

Step 1: Go to your local Halloween shop or anywhere they sell a cream color wheel. Look for one that has white (as main color), black and red as those are the ones you’ll use the most for a Catrina look. For detailing, a very thin liner brush or a lip brush works best. For the white cream application, use a larger synthetic brush or a sponge.

Step 2: Make sure to moisturize the skin on your face (and apply a makeup primer for the face if you have one) to ensure even application of the makeup. Then, apply a liberal amount of the white color cream to the face, leaving the eyes and hollows of the eyes underneath bare.

Step 3: Using your thin liner or lip brush and your black cream color, draw a black circle around eyes starting with your eyebrows, down and underneath the eyes and back around to your starting point on the brow. Fill in the eye area with the black cream color. Next, make a series of half circles all the way around the outside of the black circles you just made around the eyes. This almost makes the eyes look like they have tiny flower petals all the way around. It is up to you if you leave the “petals” bare or if you fill them in with black or red.

Day of the Dead Catrina Makeup Tips

Step 4: For the nose, again taking the liner brush using the black cream color, draw a “V” about 2/3 of the way down your nose, then create almost a tulip shape on the nose with the black by outlining the bottom or the base of the nose, connecting the lines at the highest points of the “V” Fill in completely with the Black color.

Step 5: For Lips, using your natural lip corners as a guide, take the black color and liner brush and draw an extension of your lip and take it about almost to the center of your cheek. Repeat on other side. Then draw black lines through the “Smile” (which will serve as teeth). Do this on your lips as well.

Tutorial and photos provided by NESCAFÉ Café de Olla and NESTLÉ Abuelita.

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