Justice for Amina – #RIPAmina

  Justice for Amina – #RIPAmina On March 10th a young woman in Morocco committed suicide.  This in and of itself is sad however, Amina Filali was sixteen years old, a victim of rape and underage marriage, and married by her fathers’ will to her rapist.  After her death there was a global outcry against what happened.  There also were reports that […]

TLC’s “All American Muslim”: A Positive First Step Forward

TLC’s “All American Muslim”: A Positive First Step Forward TLC’s new six-part series has taken quite a bit of heat from the Muslim community.  I wanted to wait to write this post until a few episodes had aired.  All American Muslim is not unlike many of TLC’s docu-reality series such as Sister Wives or John […]

The Good American: An American Muslim Reflection of 9/11

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The Good American: An American Muslim Reflection of 9/11 I really wanted to write a post for next weeks’ 9/11 rememberance but I had a very hard time deciding where to start or to even process my feelings.  When discussing this subject I alternate from anger to sadness. As I look back and remember when […]

Charitable Acts: “The Passport Party Project”

Tracey Friley One Brown Girl OBG Adventure

  Tracey Friley is a Multicultural Familia contributor and the brain behind the Passport Party Project, a unique initiative aimed at making sure every girl will have the chance to receive their first passport.   From the Passport Party Project website; Only 30% of Americans have a passport.  Crazy, isn’t it? Frustrated by this statistic, Tracey Friley, Executive […]

Intro to Ramadan: What Makes an Iftar?

Intro to Ramadan: What Makes an Iftar? One of the unique things about being Muslim in America is the huge diversity that exists within our community.  I attend a very small mosque in the Midwest (by small I mean less than 100 families).  Yet we have a United Nations of countries present; Egypt, Somalia, Sierra […]

You Want Me To Eat What?!

  When I was growing up my parents always encouraged me to try everything.  They never forced me to eat anything but I was always expected to be polite if I didn’t like something.  For much of my life this was no problem, as I rarely encountered things I didn’t care for, except for cow […]

Restoring Faith in the Justice System: The Casey Anthony Trial

  I am not very popular on my Facebook feed right now. As the jury for the Casey Anthony trial went into deliberations I was fairly certain they would come back with a not-guilty verdict.  No, I don’t have psychic powers but I have seen our legal system in action and understand enough to know […]