Reflections on the Benghazi Attack

from Libya Alhurra Livestream

“Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well you will treat them well and that if they do wrong you will do wrong. But (instead) accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and not to do wrong if they do evil.” — Prophet Muhammad (s) as […]

Becoming an Expat Dad in the U.S.

MarocBaba with our youngest son

When I found out that I was pregnant, my husband had been in the United States for only 4 months.  We were shocked, scared and a little worried.  My pregnancy was exhausting and wrought with sickness as well as personal struggles.  Through this I never really stopped to think how hard it might be for […]

Justice for Amina – #RIPAmina

Morocco's Democratic League for Women's Rights and 300 protesters holding photos of Amina Filali stage a sit-in outside the local court in Larache that had approved the marriage.

  Justice for Amina – #RIPAmina On March 10th a young woman in Morocco committed suicide.  This in and of itself is sad however, Amina Filali was sixteen years old, a victim of rape and underage marriage, and married by her fathers’ will to her rapist.  After her death there was a global outcry against what happened.  There also were reports that […]

What Whitney Houston’s Story Taught Me About Race & History in America

whitney houston kevin costner the bodyguard interracial relationship

  The other night, I was hard pressed to find anything on TV that wasn’t about Whitney Houston.  I was really irritated.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed her music and have no bone with her or her choices; I just am tired of the media blowing celebrity deaths out of the water with coverage. […]

TLC’s “All American Muslim”: A Positive First Step Forward

All american muslim

TLC’s “All American Muslim”: A Positive First Step Forward TLC’s new six-part series has taken quite a bit of heat from the Muslim community.  I wanted to wait to write this post until a few episodes had aired.  All American Muslim is not unlike many of TLC’s docu-reality series such as Sister Wives or John […]

The Arabian Nights by Lebanese Author Wafa’ Tarnowska


The tale of Shahrazade and Shahriyar is a classic piece of literature that somehow was overlooked throughout my entire academic career.  It was not until I found a love of all things Middle Eastern that I came to know these tales.  As I began to read I recognized the characters of Aladdin, Sinbad and Ali […]

The Good American: An American Muslim Reflection of 9/11

anti-muslim, rally, bigotry, muslim perspective, 911, september 11, post 911, racism

The Good American: An American Muslim Reflection of 9/11 I really wanted to write a post for next weeks’ 9/11 rememberance but I had a very hard time deciding where to start or to even process my feelings.  When discussing this subject I alternate from anger to sadness. As I look back and remember when […]

Charitable Acts: “The Passport Party Project”

Tracey Friley One Brown Girl OBG Adventure

  Tracey Friley is a Multicultural Familia contributor and the brain behind the Passport Party Project, a unique initiative aimed at making sure every girl will have the chance to receive their first passport.   From the Passport Party Project website; Only 30% of Americans have a passport.  Crazy, isn’t it? Frustrated by this statistic, Tracey Friley, Executive […]

Intro to Ramadan: What Makes an Iftar?

Credit: AP / Asmaa Waguih

Intro to Ramadan: What Makes an Iftar? One of the unique things about being Muslim in America is the huge diversity that exists within our community.  I attend a very small mosque in the Midwest (by small I mean less than 100 families).  Yet we have a United Nations of countries present; Egypt, Somalia, Sierra […]

You Want Me To Eat What?!

snail soup 2

  When I was growing up my parents always encouraged me to try everything.  They never forced me to eat anything but I was always expected to be polite if I didn’t like something.  For much of my life this was no problem, as I rarely encountered things I didn’t care for, except for cow […]

What is Ramadan?


The Islamic holy month of Ramadan begins on Monday, August 1st, 2011.  This holiday is a month long event commemorating the revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad (phuh – this abbreviation means peace be upon him and will often be found following the name of a Prophet when written in English- you may […]

Restoring Faith in the Justice System: The Casey Anthony Trial

Casey Anthony defense lawyer

  I am not very popular on my Facebook feed right now. As the jury for the Casey Anthony trial went into deliberations I was fairly certain they would come back with a not-guilty verdict.  No, I don’t have psychic powers but I have seen our legal system in action and understand enough to know […]