Top 5 Natural Hair Care Products {Untrained Hair Mom}

We’ve tried a lot of different natural hair care products in our home over the years in an effort to find what works best for my biracial daughter’s natural hair.  While all products work differently on each individual, I highly recommend natural products and have put together a list of our favorite hair care products. […]

6 Amazing Must-Follow Natural Hair Care Blogs!

#1 Keyative Styles – Tons of interesting and unique styles for newbies and pros!  ______________________________________________________ #2 Rockin’ it Naptural – Detailed product reviews, a variety of natural hair photos from around the web and tons of great features!  ______________________________________________________ #3 Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care – Great styles, informative and full of parenting guidance!  ______________________________________________________ #4 Tweeny […]

Celebrate Black Friday & Cyber Monday with Bee Mine Natural Hair Products!

   Bee Mine Natural Hair Products Bee Mine Products is a line of natural hair care products that carries toxin-free shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, a detangling/leave in conditioner, and a styling cream.  To learn more read our Bee Mine Natural Products Review. Bee Mine will be hosting a sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!  Both will offer a chance […]

Dragonfly All-Natural Handcrafted Soaps Review

Image Credit:   Natural skin care products are just as important to me for my family as good, nutritious food is. As the saying goes “if you can’t eat it, it shouldn’t go on your skin”. I try not to put any products with potentially harmful ingredients in them on our bodies. I recently […]

Bee Mine Natural Hair Care Products {Review & Discount Code}

Bee Mine Natural Hair Care Products {Review & Discount Code} It has been 1 year since I began learning to manage and properly care for my biracial daughters curls. During this time I have learned different techniques for caring and styling her hair and a lot of information on products and ingredients. I get a […]

Summer Natural Hair Care Tips

  We know the importance of using sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun, but is also important to protect our hair from environmental factors such as the sun and chlorinated water from pools. It is especially important to guard those natural curls (which are prone to being dry) from these damaging elements. Here […]

Intro to Natural Hair Care for Parents of Biracial Children

Intro to Natural Hair Care for Parents of Biracial Children I have recently embarked on a hair care journey with my biracial daughters natural curls. D is Caucasian and African American. Her hair was never an “issue” per se, but through trial and error we are learning what works, what doesn’t, how to properly care […]