Happy Valentine’s LIFE!

It is said that February 14th originally became a lover’s holiday when the ancient Romans celebrated Lupercalia, an annual fertility festival. Circa 496 AD, the then Pope, Gelasius, declared February 14th to be St. Valentine’s Day, a Christian feast day. On St. Valentine’s Day in AD 1400, a court is opened in Paris. It’s a High Court of Love, dealing with affairs […]

Dying to Vote: Don’t Let Their Struggle be in Vain

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Don’t Let Their Struggle be in Vain My Precious Babies, Mommy voted today. I didn’t get to vote during the last Presidential election because I was with you, D’Lo, at Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital – witnessing the fight of your life. Already an emotional wreck from watching your battle, I cried deep tears when Barack Obama was elected. I knew in that moment, […]

A Family Shattered by Hurricane Sandy, Mourns Two Beautiful Boys

Damien and Glenda Moore, Staten Island, black mom, biracial sons, hurricane sandy

A Family Shattered by Hurricane Sandy She felt her children, her babies, her little boys, sucked from her grasp. She stared into a killer storm, screaming, for any sign of her sons – her sons, but they were gone…both of them. Desperately begging, screaming, banging, breaking windows…for help. Help that never came. And so she continued […]

An Ideal Society: Believing in the Dream

racial unity integration dr. martin luther king jr.

An Ideal Society An ideal society – that is a beautiful concept, indeed. Ideal; while the term itself could indicate a standard of perfection, its excellence could also be assumed to exist only in the imagination. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. imagined, or dreamed rather, an ideal society that looked very much like the one I […]

Mourning the Loss of Trayvon Martin, Everyone’s Son

Mourning the Loss of Trayvon Martin In 1995 I met my son for the very first time, although I had known him for some months – his movements, his growth…his potential. Across the country, and unknown to me, another expectant mother was taking a parallel journey; adventuring through morning sickness, her unborn’s first noticeable kicks, contractions, […]

An Interracial Valentine’s Day: Loving Story to Premier on HBO Tonight at 9pm

  Interracial Loving I laid in bed last night, beautiful husband asleep next to me, precious fourth child (who thinks we are in his bed) sound asleep between us, and I imagined the sheer terror we would experience if a team of law enforcement officers broke down our door and rushed into our bedroom, guns […]

Happy Birthday, Dr. King

Happy Birthday, Dr. King He had a dream. Before my husband and I were even born, this dream included our family. Before my mother knew that her descendants would have brown skin, he dreamed for my children. His voice rang out so passionately about a day when “the sons of former slaves and the sons of former […]

From One Christian to Another…An Open Letter to ‘Pastor’ Melvin Thompson

interracial couple pastor Melvin Thompson

© ThisNest.com An Open Letter to ‘Pastor’ Melvin Thompson Dear *ahem* Pastor Melvin Thompson and voting members of the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church, I wanted to introduce you to Someone very important to me, because I’m not sure if you all have ever really met…He is the God I serve. The heart that I have for Him pales in comparison to the […]

Mixed Identity: Parenting Multiracial Teens

© ThisNest.com   It was so easy when they were little. Any staring was obviously because they were so darn cute, self-esteem was built or broken based on the order in which they were picked by the kickball team captains (and they were never picked last), childhood friendships were based on the love of either playing […]

I Love THIS Man!

He is black and I am white? Fact. We grew up on the same planet, but in different worlds? Truth. Our love is so much bigger than the depth of our skin, and the legacies left by our ancestors? Absolutely! These are some of the several reasons why I love THIS man, and why I […]