Interracial Love: Setting The Record Straight

Interracial Love: Setting The Record Straight This story first appeared on Oh, wait…you must think that it bothers me that it bothers you. You are obviously under the impression that I actually care about how my life makes you feel. I am very sorry (well, not really) to have to tell you this but – you are highly mistaken. […]

My Child’s Hope

biracial mixed family

My Child’s Hope The history of the blood that runs through my child, you’d never know by her beautiful smile. Realities behind her eyes full of life, of love and of hate, of black and of white… The history of the two that make up his race, you’d never know by his beautiful face. The […]

Mixed Parenting & Identity: ‘Black’ Or ‘Biracial’?

biracial parenting teens

Mixed Parenting & Identity: ‘Black’ Or ‘Biracial’? I was asked recently about how we are raising our daughters. The questioned pertained to whether we are bringing the girls up as black women or biracial women. My answer?  They will be black women and they will be biracial women. If there are any out there who […]

It Finally Happened

Our daughter, Devaney, was over at her friend’s house last month and it finally happened – that ugly thing that parents, of other races, have had to help their children navigate for hundreds of years before today. Her friend’s older brother had some of his buddies over playing basketball and, when Devaney went inside, one […]

Poetry: Our Love’s Anthem

                                “I love him, he loves me… We raise up our beautiful family, To know that they are God’s light. That their infinite worth can be carried with pride. That ignorant eyes and misguided mouths can be pushed aside… Because their hearts are humanity’s […]