Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival 2012

Mixed Roots Film Literary Festival multiracial festival

Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival 2012 Two-thousand twelve was another fun and inspirational Mixed Roots festival in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Highlights from the movies and readings that I attended: Friday evening was the beautiful and inspirational movie The Loving Story. Saturday my daughter and niece attended the Apricot Brown reading and Workshop. Apricot […]

Critical Mixed Race Studies

What is Critical Mixed Race Studies? Critical Mixed Race Studies is a contemporary and blossoming field within the schools of Sociology, Anthropology and Law; and an offshoot of Critical Race Theory. Why the word “Critical”? I thought it meant the topic was critically important – but that would be an arrogant way to describe a […]

The Hapa Community & Kip Fulbeck

  Part of the Mixed Community is the Hapa Community. What is a Hapa, you ask? Hapa is Hawaiian  for “half”. The term became popular in Hawaii first as “hapa haole”, which means “half white”. Hapa is most often used in a positive light. Hapa haole however is sometimes used as a put down. The first […]

Who’s Who in the Mixed Race Community

Who’s Who in the Mixed Race Community The Mixed Experience includes broad categories such as: cross ethnic adoption inter-ethnic dating and marriage personal stories and defining identity for multi-cultural folks, multi-national folks & multi-ethnic folks   Here are some of the popular sites to learn more and participate in the Mixed Experience.  All of these sites are […]

A Brief History Lesson on U.S. Immigration

  Indigenous Native Americans, arriving from Asia, have lived in the Americas for over 9,000 years as evidenced by cave paintings in South America. Next the Spanish arrived and mixed with the locals left and right. Not long after, the French arrived and peacefully traded goods with Native Americans for 100 years. Then the English arrived […]

Race Transcenders

multiracial identity

  There seems to be a growing trend of activists and truth tellers who are not afraid to share their acknowledgment of common scientific knowledge – that there is no simple set of biological markers for “race”. There are more differences within one group’s phenotype (short/tall, thin/thick, nose shape, head shape, hair color, hair type, […]

What is “race”?

  Questions about “race” Is “race” real?  How many “races” are there?  Why does our government want to know what “race” we are?   The answers depend on who you ask. Lawyers use the legal definitions of race that coincide with hate crime laws.  Biologists refer to phenotype: the appearance of an organism based on a […]

“What are you?”

    “What are you?” So many of us have had to deal with this question; sometimes cloaked as “Where are you from?”  Both questions can feel like a micro agression. However, their motive may simply be selfish curiosity, but often it’s a dubious attempt to categorize us into a “race” or ethnicity box. The way I […]