Revealing the Taína Within

taino puerto rican woman

This story first appeared on Bella Vida by Letty.  Image: ElusiveDreams07 | Deviant Art Revealing the Taína Within Yesterday, I was browsing through photos from last weekend’s outing when I was struck by the image of a woman I didn’t recognize. The photo captured the profile of a Taína with long black hair, high red cheekbones and […]

Youngest Member of Chickahominy Tribal Council Aims to Become First Female Chief

first female chief virginia

Will Jessica Stewart be the first female chief of the Chickahominy tribe? Charles City County, Henrico County’s closest neighbor to the east and just a few miles from Richmond, Va., was a secure and comfortable place for Jessica Stewart to grow up. She was surrounded by extended family and many other Chickahominy Indians. She grew up wanting to […]

Celebrating Diversity as a Family

diversity multicultural kids playing

Submitted by Sarah Morris on behalf of Primrose Schools – preschools that make a difference in your child’s education. Celebrating Diversity as a Family Explaining the concept of diversity to a child can be difficult for any parent. However, pointing out all of the wonders of different cultures and making the learning experience enjoyable and […]

Ward Off the Evil Eye with a Hamsa Craft

This post is part of our Share Your Story series.  You can share your own story by submitting your writing, videos or other media to editor {at} multiculturalfamilia {dot} com.  Learn more HERE. The Middle East is a group of countries in western Asia and northern Africa that is the culturally rich home to numerous ethnic groups (such as […]

Traveling Exhibit & Learning Experience – RACE: Are We So Different?

  RACE: Are We So Different? For the past month or so, the Science Museum of Virginia has been nudging (and in some cases pushing) us toward exploring a topic that makes some people feel uncomfortable.  A new exhibit at the museum asks: Race: Are We So Different? It’s a tough question for some in Virginia. The […]

Chicago Student Threatened with Noose, Victim of Hate Crime

Image:   Reading the Tribune online version this morning I came across the following headline… 3 teens charged with hate-crime racial attack …with the sub-heading:  “White teens put noose around black teen’s neck.”  I began reading the article and, it turns out that, this alleged incident occurred on December 23, 2011, charges were filed on January […]

Biracial Parenting: “For the Last Time, She’s Mine!”

© “Is she yours?” My hubby and I have always planned on having kids.  I knew that starting a family wouldn’t be easy.  I’m not just referring to the financial aspects of raising a child.  I’m talking about how our children would be perceived. There was a good chance that our child would have […]