Father’s Day Craft Tutorial: Scrappy Self Portrait

Tutorial inspired by Better Homes and Gardens Craft   GUEST WRITER: Ruby is many things, but foremost a wife and mother to her 2 little ones. She and her husband are trying to raise bilingual/bicultural little beings. She’s originally from Orange County, California, but recently moved across country after her husband completed his duty with […]

Being Bilingual: Easier Said Than Done

Being Bilingual: Easier Said Than Done  Being bilingual was something that came so naturally to me. I grew up around my grandparents who only spoke Spanish. I always spoke English to my parents because they both understood the language, but my father has always replied in Spanish. With everyone else in the family, it’s always […]


Lessons From THE FREEDOM RIDERS “I’m a senior at American Baptist Theological Seminary, and hope to graduate in June. I know that education is important, and I hope to get one. But at this time, human dignity is the most important thing in my life. That justice and freedom might come to the Deep South.” […]

Yes, My Son is Black!

Yes, My Son is Black! How horrible is it to be told you are not your race because you don’t fit the stereotype appearance? It happens to a lot of multicultural families. We are often questioned about our children’s identity and even whether they belong to us by people who don’t know any better or […]