Mix-up your Multicultural Holidays by Celebrating What’s Different

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This article is part of our Multicultural Holidays series.  You can submit your own story for publishing on Multicultural Familia via our submissions page here. We’re Different, We’re the Same by Jen Marshall Duncan When my kids were littler, we read this book over and over again. Sometimes we turned the pages looking for noses that looked […]

Parenting Teens in Reality – Are We Crashing Dreams?

parenting teens we can't all be pro athletes teens of color career dreams reality check

Parenting Teens in Reality – Are We Crashing Dreams? Last week I had one of those horrible parenting moments…the ones where you wonder whether or not you’ve scarred your child for life, knowing that someday there will be a therapist listening to her blame her mother for long-term issues stemming from that day of that […]

What is Juneteenth & How Can I Celebrate at Home?

Today we celebrate Juneteenth.  What is Juneteenth? It is the oldest African-American holiday, celebrating freedom and honoring the memory of former slaves. You might know that President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863 and wonder–why do we celebrate on June 19th? The answer is that not all slaves knew they were […]

Who Are You? Multicultural Families & Societal Perceptions

Multicultural Families & Societal Perceptions When I am by myself at the grocery store people see a middle-aged, kind of overweight white woman who needs her roots touched up, and dresses like she has a job that pays well enough—but not enough to be considered well-to-do. Being that woman gains me some respect, some positivity, […]

Tween Romance & Race: How Should I Teach My Kids About Colorism?

Teens Dating Race

Tween Romance & Race He’s at that age: the in-between age referred to as the “Tween Years.”  The first big sign that we had arrived in those Tween years didn’t come from him, though; it came from his best friend. “Mommy, D__ has a girlfriend!” he said. “In 6th grade?” I replied incredulously as the […]

Quick Facts About Women’s History Month & 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts

Women’s History & Girl Scouts of America As a mom, I worry a lot about raising my daughters to be confident young women. As a white mom to girls of color, I worry even more about instilling courage, confidence and character in them so that they can combat society’s gender and racial stereotypes in productive […]

Black History Lit Review: Life Upon These Shores

    A Look at Black History We all learn stories about Black heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and George Washington Carver; but there are so many more stories from Black History that should be shared.  African-Americans represent a diverse group of people with a rich and varied history in the United […]

A Natural Hair Story: From Natural to Relaxed and Back Again

This is my oldest daughter. She was born with straight, fine hair. As she got older it started to get curly. And then it got curlier. I found a book called It’s All Good Hair and tried to learn how to put her hair in protective styles. When she was little, it was easy to do her […]

Diversity in Sports: Is the Playing Field Equal?

Image credit: Flickr / Parker Michael Knight   Considering a Career in Sports All week my husband and son will be watching college football teams compete in the NCAA FBS Bowl Championship Series. They will sit on the edge of their seats, watching the drama unfold on the screen. They become emotionally invested in the games–acting […]

A Non-Traditional Christmas Story: The Season for Giving

This article is part of our “Multicultural Holidays” series.  You can submit your own story for publishing on Multicultural Familia via our submissions form here.  “No hay nada mas espactacular que la inocencia y creencia en la magia que mi hijo me muestra.  (There is nothing more spectacular than the innocence and belief in magic that my […]