Rethinking Racism

  A link was shared with myself and fellow MF contributors for the daily put together by Sage Morada (@Shark_Magus on Twitter) called The Human Spectrum. This one day in particular, all the headlines focused on the same topic—a recent study showing that whites believe they are now the victims of racism more often than blacks. My […]

The Circle of Life

During my early twenties, I was a lost soul in many ways. I wanted desperately to share my life with someone, but never seemed able to find a kindred spirit in human form. In cat form? Yes! I considered becoming one of those old women with hundreds of cats as her family. I informed my […]

African-American Barbie: An Open Letter to Mattel

African-American Barbie: An Open Letter to Mattel To the makers of Barbie, Barbie is a legend. For more than 50 years girls have been playing imaginatively with the long-legged beauty. Barbie survives and thrives in spite of feminist opposition to her unrealistic body proportions. She remains popular because you at Mattel combat the notion that […]

‘At-Risk’ in School: What Does it Mean?

In Coe Booth’s Young Adult novel, Tyrell, the main character is a 15 year old homeless boy who dropped out of school. He remembers his school days saying, “Starting in first grade, them teachers took one look at me and started putting me in programs for at-risk kids, then at-risk boys, then at-risk teenagers. Personally, I ain’t never knew what the […]

The Church Bus

The Church Bus It’s just about that time of year when the church bus from the local Baptist church drives through my neighborhood each Sunday. The driver is a woman named Mary, who wakes up early and crisscrosses town picking up children.  She knocks on doors, helps kids into the old 15-passenger van with the […]