One Mom’s Story: Teaching My Daughter About Racism

Teaching Kids About Racism Somewhere very early in my first pregnancy I began to feel the inklings of the tension.  I knew way back then that there would come a day somewhere in the far off future when my child would be approached in a not-so-cool way by another person about her biracial parentage.  I […]

The Seven Wise Princesses: A Medieval Epic {Book Review}

The Seven Wise Princesses: A Medieval Persian Epic Written by Wafa Tarnowska & Illustrated by Nilesh Mistry Barefoot Books, 2008 Review by Laila Lacy The Seven Wise Princesses: A Medieval Persian Epic is a translation of the 12th century Sufi-inspired epic poem, Haft-Paykar, originally written by the poet Nisami, one of the most famous poets of the […]

Understanding ‘The Help’: Fiction vs. Reality

Understanding ‘The Help’: Fiction vs. Reality For the last couple of weeks I have watched as both admirers and critics have frothed at the mouth over the release of the Touchstone Pictures/ DreamWorks film version of Kathryn Stockett’s fictional novel, “The Help”.  The film has been praised as a delightfully insightful piece of work, as […]

Virtual Book Tour: “Whoever You Are” by Mem Fox

multicultural children's book

  “Whoever You Are” By Mem Fox, Illustrated by Leslie Staub, Published by Scholastic, Inc. 1997 For parents who would like to impart ideas about empathy, while exploring and celebrating our most basic human commonalities, Mem Fox’s Whoever You Are will be a welcomed and vital addition to your child’s home library.  The book will […]

‘Cute’ to be So Dark

“Dark Girls” Seeing the title felt like a bee’s sting.  It was the posting of a preview of Bill Duke’s upcoming documentary discussing the issue of  ‘intra-racism’ within the black community. Immediately, I was 5 years old, then 10, then 15, and so on, as the visions played in my mind.  My childhood and young […]

Mixed and Matched

  Sometimes people glance cautiously at us.  Other times, they may stare and glare.  Some folks have even had nerve enough to open up their mouths and spit venom.  It’s because I’m black and he’s white, and together we are …well, we are together. When I was younger I never would have imagined that the […]