Familia Eats: Gelatina Tricolor


In honor of today being Mexican Independence Day and the second day of Hispanic Heritage Month, I have a special treat to share with you today…Gelatina Tricolor. Gelatina Tricolor, also known as Gelatina de Mosaico, is a very popular dessert in Mexico.  It’s even served in place of ice cream at birthday parties. During the […]

Familia Eats: Agua Fresca de Frutas

Image Credit: Flickr / ali ckel

  Agua Frescas are a very popular beverage here in Mexico.  They are traditionally served with the midday meal, which is our biggest and most important meal of the day, but they can also be served with dinner.  They are much better for you than sodas or those powdered mix drinks, because they are made […]

A Fun Language Game for Older Kids and Adults

Image: ♥ MARIA ♥

  Having a multicultural family can often include learning a new language.  As a former English as a Second Language teacher, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite games to play that helps improve language vocabulary. The game is called BASTA! A simpler, budget-friendly version of  Scattergories.  It is best played with […]