You Say Pomelo, I Say Toronja, Part II: “WHAT did you just say!?”

[Read part 1] More Fun Language Mix-ups “Bicho”, “chocha”, “bollo”…Are you completely offended by now???  You may be if you are Puerto Rican or Dominican. But perhaps, if you are not from either country, these words are almost meaningless to you. “Concha!”…ok, now I’ve offended most of the Argentines out there. So, why am I […]

I Owe My Family to a 70 Year Old Argentine Man

Realizing the Importance of Grandfathers When my husband and I were still newlyweds, my husband’s aunt came to visit us from Argentina. After an argument with my husband during her visit, she turned around and said to me: “Congratulations, you are married to Alberto!” Alberto was my husband’s grandfather who tragically died in a car […]

Language Mix-up: You Say Pomelo, I Say Toronja

Fun Language Mix-ups I know that when we talk about multicultural children and families, the topic of multiple languages come to mind. But multiple dialects in the home are not uncommon and in this day and age, especially in the Latino communities where we have a mix of Spanish, English and Spanglish, we have a […]