Interracial Reality: The Truth About Tom & Helen Willis

Interracial relationships couples

Interracial Reality: The Truth About Tom & Helen Willis One of my early dates with my now husband/then boyfriend, was a movie at the first After Dark Horror Festival. (I’m a horror movie geek – don’t judge). On our way out of the movie theater, we ran into two of my co-workers. These co-workers, two […]

Housing Discrimination: The (Re)Mixed Family Edition

Housing Discrimination: The (Re)Mixed Family Edition My family and I are in the process of looking for a new apartment right now.  Much like those fantastic house-hunting shows on HGTV, we trek to different neighborhoods each weekend in search of the place that has almost everything on our wish list.  Chief among our concerns in […]

‘Say It To My Face’: Online & Offline Debates

The film “The Social Network” really got me thinking about how I engage with others in the blogosphere.   These days, most digital debates seem to be more akin to knife fights rather than civil exchanges between people with opposing viewpoints.  When I look back on some of my writing, I wonder if I could have […]

America Is A Really Good Mix Tape

America Is A Really Good Mix Tape Some time after President Obama’s inauguration, and David Foster collaborated on a somewhat treacly anthem entitled “America’s Song.” Hearing the song at the time made me reflect upon the kind of new, post-Inauguration wave of patriotism that rolled across the country and how the days leading up […]

A Loving Day Wish

A Loving Day Wish Across the country this weekend, on June 12th, thousands of people will gather for Loving Day celebrations to commemorate the landmark 1967 Supreme Court decision of ‘Loving vs. Virginia’ which made interracial marriage legal in the United States. Loving Day was founded by graphic designer Ken Tanabe who discovered the Loving […]