White Moms Aren’t the Only Ones New to Biracial Motherhood

Do you know how to groom your biracial or multiracial child? Grooming is an important part of growing up. Parents are the first to teach their children how to keep themselves clean and generally well groomed. So the question is, do you know how to groom your biracial child? I know.  It sounds nuts. Just put soap and […]

Engrish in Japan

engrish, engrish in japan, japanese engrish

Engrish in Japan Yes, you read the title correctly, Engrish. It is a term used in Japan which refers to how the Japanese use English incorrectly pertaining to pronunciation and grammar. I was completely shocked by how poor the grammar and spelling was in major magazines, on t-shirts, and in various texts. I thought, jeez does anyone […]

Yes, It’s Black History Month for Everyone

 Image: The Shelf Life   I love Black History Month. People are holding events, celebrating, and talking about our African American heroes. The problem is that it seems only African Americans are participating in this month long celebration. If you walk around the streets of NYC and ask what’s special about the month of February, […]

Unexpected for Some: My Connection to Japan

  Being a multicultural family is more dynamic than people realize. Not only do you live in two or more worlds daily, but you are also concerned about what is going on abroad. When disaster strikes it is common for us to all watch the news and respond to the devastation with concerned looks and prayers. Those of us […]

Instilling Bilingual Education & Cultural Appreciation

bilingual education

Bilingual Education & Cultural Appreciation Baby is four months now and I am anticipating his first word.  To help him along I talk to him every day and sing to him, but I sing and talk in English. My husband believes that it is inevitable that his first word will be in English. I do spend most […]

Is Your Parenting Style Outdated?

Did you know that giving a child a ‘Time Out’ is actually considered a bad thing? Yes, just as quickly as our children grow up so is the way of parenting techniques. Just a few years ago everyone was talking about ‘the naughty stool’. It was a trend, a skill to be perfected and executed immediately. We watched from […]

What language is your Daycare?

What language is your Daycare? Does your childcare provider provide meals?  Do they provide snacks, trips, diapers, or other freebies for all of your well spent cash?  How about language instruction? With an average of $8,150 per year, daycare costs for children in the United States range from $4,388 to $14,647 a year, according to […]