Raising Color Blind Kids And Why I Wouldn’t Dare {De Su Mama}

Raising Color Blind Kids And Why I Wouldn’t Dare In college I took a year-long Multicultural Mediation course that met on Saturdays and required an overnight camping trip in order to earn a passing grade. Going to school every Saturday is a testament to any college student’s dedication, but I would do it again in […]

Birthing A Skin Color: Looking Deeper At My Son

light skinned dark skinned colorism

Birthing A Skin Color Perhaps because my first child was born with a light complexion, even more so than my own, concerns surrounding skin color were not paramount during my first year of parenthood. Underhanded comments, questions of when the darkening would stop, or horrific labeling never occurred. She was allowed to exist in her […]

A Tale Of Two Cubans

  I was sitting outside our local library, waiting for it to open, when my daughter joyfully approached a man resembling her father. Although older, the man was tall, dark skinned, thin build, just like Alina’s beloved Daddy. We exchanged a casual greeting before he sat on the bench beside me. Alina, being the little […]

Independence Has A Steep Price

    At least for my family it did. Being the first generation born in the United States, I have an interesting perspective on celebrating our Nation’s Independence Day. While my American counterparts were free to hang out with friends at the beach, eat bar-b-que and light up fireworks, my Cuban born family usually had […]