Carla Crudup

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Carla Crudup, Award-Winning Food Columnist and Recipe Developer

Born into a diverse home, with parents from North Carolina and father who was a part of the Air Force and lived in Europe, wide varieties of foods were always prepared in the home of Carla Crudup. Growing up in a household where cooking and baking was second nature; Carla found her passion for culinary arts at a very young age. As where most children her age were reading fairy-tales books, Carla was busy reading cookbooks with her father.  By the age of 13, she was past baking cookies and fruitcakes, but preparing full meals that would consist of lobster and prime rib. It was no secret that if you were visiting the Carla’s home you would be dining well whether Carla cooked or her parents.

Sticking to what she knows best, nearly all her dishes are made from scratch, using nothing but the finest ingredients. As a an Award-winning Food Columnist and Recipe Developer, Carla has made quite a name for herself in the food industry. Throughout her career she has been recognized by major food manufacturers such as Lender’s Bagel, Dreamfield Pasta, Star Foods and Wild Oats acquired by Whole Foods. Many of her recipes have been published in magazines, newspapers, and worldwide internet publications. In 2010, Carla who is bilingual was given the opportunity to host her own cooking show in both English and Spanish entitled, “Make Yourself Comfortable, American Style”; the show has been aired and continues to soar on YouTube and broaden her audience internationally.  Recently she was given the honor to represent Dreamfields Pasta as their Ambassador!

As the seasons change, Carla gets a chance to enjoy the many fruits and vegetables that are produced. Throughout the holiday season she enjoys spending time with friends and family and of course preparing wonderful meals. Her philosophy is that recipes are a blank canvas and with inspiration and creativity you can create a culinary delight that is a work of art and a gift of love.

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