Familia Eats: Homemade Flour Tortillas

flour tortillas de harina

  Homemade Flour Tortillas (Mexican style) A classic staple in many Latino households, tortillas are a more than a tasty side, they’re also a great utensil for scooping mouthfuls of your favorite foods!  Whether you’re snacking on chorizo, waking up to a steaming plate of papa con huevo or making a taco with some left […]

Tocabe’s Osage-Inspired Frybread Tacos

©  Sweet Life Tocabe’s Osage-Inspired Frybread Tacos Created out of necessity, frybread is a food that represents both perseverance and pain in American Indian history.  Working with the little available in a changing environment, First Americans developed a recipe that has been proudly passed on from generation to generation.  Learn more. A quick bread, frybread often accompanies a meal, […]

Ramadan con Piñatas y Churros

Ramadan con Piñatas y Churros Disclaimers: This post is multilingual, mostly Spanish and English but it does have some basic Arabic/Islamic terms sprinkled in as well. Spanish is italicized then translated. Arabic/Islamic terms are translated in parenthesis. English…well my broken American incorrect grammatical English should be able to be understood. ;) Greetings! Hey everyone, saludos […]

You Want Me To Eat What?!

  When I was growing up my parents always encouraged me to try everything.  They never forced me to eat anything but I was always expected to be polite if I didn’t like something.  For much of my life this was no problem, as I rarely encountered things I didn’t care for, except for cow […]

“Ramadan Nights”: Cookbook Review & {Giveaway}

Ramadan Nights Cookbook One of Multicultural Familia’s contributors just happens to be an amazing chef! Amanda Mouttaki (MarocMama.com) is best known for exploring Moroccan cuisine through recipes passed down from her husband’s family. Amanda’s food explorations bridge many other cultures as well and the recipes she creates and reinvents show her passion for food and […]

Traditional Bean Pie Recipe & History

Tradition Bean Pie Recipe & History Bean Pie, My Brother? That’s what you’re likely to be asked by a clean cut, bow-tie-wearing African American man in the intersection of some major city. That, or you’re asked to buy a copy of “The Final Call,” the official newspaper of the Nation of Islam. The bean pie […]