Engrish in Japan

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Engrish in Japan Yes, you read the title correctly, Engrish. It is a term used in Japan which refers to how the Japanese use English incorrectly pertaining to pronunciation and grammar. I was completely shocked by how poor the grammar and spelling was in major magazines, on t-shirts, and in various texts. I thought, jeez does anyone […]

Raising Bilingual Niños: A Beginner’s Guide for Non-Fluent Parents

Raising Bilingual Niños: A Beginner’s Guide for Non-Fluent Parents I am a non-Spanish speaking Puerto Rican. I was raised in Tampa, FL until my preteens and I was never taught to speak Spanish. I am not bilingual, and although I can understand words here and there, I still struggle to understand conversations in Spanish. This […]

Introducing Plaza Familia, the first national, bilingual multi-platform magazine for Hispanics

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Mar 02, 2012 – NEW YORK, NY — At a time where the publishing industry is evolving, educational publisher and developer Premier Transmedia, has responded to the needs of the diverse Hispanic community by launching Plaza Familia, the first bilingual family magazine in the US created by Latinos, for Latinos.With an […]

Top Language Blogs You Should Be Reading

We love great blogs and language blogs are some of the best because they also feature interesting discussions on everything from culture, to travel, to immigration politics. Check out our favorite language blogs that we think you should subscribe to!   Multilingual Living Why we love it: Multilingual Living is loaded with experts and offers endless […]

Wire Your Baby Bilingual: The Benefits of Bilingualism

Great News for Parents Raising Bilingual Children Raising my children to be bilingual is of great importance to me since we all know how essential language is for understanding and embracing culture. Therefore, I am convinced that if my children learn Spanish they’ll get what being Dominican is, where they come from and assume their […]

Bilingual Education Review: Criss Cross Mangosauce

We recently had the chance to review a couple of awesome Bilingual products from Criss Cross Mangosauce, a bilingual resource for programs for children. We were sent Chipi Chipis Small Shells of the Sea book. It is a father daughter story influenced by Venezuelan traditions. The author states that Chipi Chipis is a sort of small […]

Instilling Bilingual Education & Cultural Appreciation

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Bilingual Education & Cultural Appreciation Baby is four months now and I am anticipating his first word.  To help him along I talk to him every day and sing to him, but I sing and talk in English. My husband believes that it is inevitable that his first word will be in English. I do spend most […]

Being Bilingual: Easier Said Than Done

Being Bilingual: Easier Said Than Done  Being bilingual was something that came so naturally to me. I grew up around my grandparents who only spoke Spanish. I always spoke English to my parents because they both understood the language, but my father has always replied in Spanish. With everyone else in the family, it’s always […]

What language is your Daycare?

What language is your Daycare? Does your childcare provider provide meals?  Do they provide snacks, trips, diapers, or other freebies for all of your well spent cash?  How about language instruction? With an average of $8,150 per year, daycare costs for children in the United States range from $4,388 to $14,647 a year, according to […]