On Coming Out as Biracial & Passing for White

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via medium.com: A few months ago, I not-so-subtly asserted myself as biracial while having dinner with a new coworker. “I’m a Capricorn,” she’d said. “Yeah…my mom’s black,” I responded (not verbatim, but the exchange was similar). Whoa. What? Immediately after I injected that part of my identity into the conversation, I had a Come-to-Jesus moment. […]

Laying the Foundation for Healthy Racial Identity: Toddlers & Preschoolers

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Laying the Foundation for Healthy Racial Identity I’m by no means an expert on raising biracial children. I rely a lot on my husband, insights from other parents (hooray for on-line communities!), and whatever resources I manage to get my hands on, and then, with all of that as a guide, I follow my instincts. […]

Talking with my 5-year-old about Racism

talking to my 5 year old about racism, talking to kids about race

Talking with my 5-year-old about Racism Syndicated from Musing Momma. The other evening I asked my husband, “Do you think we should tell Zip about racism now?” Over the past five years, we’ve talked openly about race and skin color and cultural differences. We’ve presented these as things to celebrate and appreciate. We’ve done a great […]

Biracial Parenting: How Important Is Diversity In Schools?

importance of diversity in schools, multicultural education, mixed race parenting, multicultural parenting

How Important Is Diversity In Schools? Syndicated from Musing Momma. How important is it for children of color to attend a school that has diversity?  I ask, because our son just started kindergarten and his school is like a big ol’ slice of Wonderbread. It is really white. I knew when we moved a few years ago that the […]

Biracial Stories: She’s the Mom, Not the Nanny

black mom biracial child i'm not the nanny

Biracial Stories: She’s the Mom, Not the Nanny A funny thing happened on the way to the Starbucks a couple of weeks ago.  How could a woman, the mother of a five-month-old baby, be mistaken for that child’s nanny? It’s a colorful tale. Several months ago, when my wife was pregnant, I was concerned by the comment an […]

Raising Color Blind Kids And Why I Wouldn’t Dare {De Su Mama}

Raising Color Blind Kids And Why I Wouldn’t Dare In college I took a year-long Multicultural Mediation course that met on Saturdays and required an overnight camping trip in order to earn a passing grade. Going to school every Saturday is a testament to any college student’s dedication, but I would do it again in […]

Who Are You? Multicultural Families & Societal Perceptions

Multicultural Families & Societal Perceptions When I am by myself at the grocery store people see a middle-aged, kind of overweight white woman who needs her roots touched up, and dresses like she has a job that pays well enough—but not enough to be considered well-to-do. Being that woman gains me some respect, some positivity, […]

Birthing A Skin Color: Looking Deeper At My Son

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Birthing A Skin Color Perhaps because my first child was born with a light complexion, even more so than my own, concerns surrounding skin color were not paramount during my first year of parenthood. Underhanded comments, questions of when the darkening would stop, or horrific labeling never occurred. She was allowed to exist in her […]

Bill of Rights for Racially Mixed People {via The Multiracial Experience}

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Bill of Rights for Racially Mixed People Authored by Maria P.P. Root I HAVE THE RIGHT… Not to justify my existence in this world.  Not to keep the races separate within me.  Not to be responsible for people’s discomfort with my physical ambiguity.  Not to justify my ethnic legitimacy. I HAVE THE RIGHT… To identify […]

‘Biracial is Bad’: How KRAFT’s MilkBites Campaign Perpetuates Stereotypes & White Supremacy

‘Biracial is Bad’: How KRAFT’s MilkBites Campaign Perpetuates Stereotypes & White Supremacy I truly can’t believe that I have to write what I’m about to write. Via a Sociological Images post by Bradley Koch, I found out about a KRAFT campaign for their new MilkBites, a snack that is “part milk, part granola.” The campaign […]

Tween Romance & Race: How Should I Teach My Kids About Colorism?

Teens Dating Race

Tween Romance & Race He’s at that age: the in-between age referred to as the “Tween Years.”  The first big sign that we had arrived in those Tween years didn’t come from him, though; it came from his best friend. “Mommy, D__ has a girlfriend!” he said. “In 6th grade?” I replied incredulously as the […]

Biracial Parenting: “For the Last Time, She’s Mine!”

© WeatherAnchorMama.com “Is she yours?” My hubby and I have always planned on having kids.  I knew that starting a family wouldn’t be easy.  I’m not just referring to the financial aspects of raising a child.  I’m talking about how our children would be perceived. There was a good chance that our child would have […]