Get Creative with Lisa Loeb & Crayola in a LIVE Video Chat!

Want to chat LIVE with a cool celebrity mom? Here’s your chance!  Crayola wants every child to experience creative and imaginative play, so they’re inviting parents “Inside the Crayon Box,” for a series of special live chats with celebs and experts that they hope will inspire you to get creative with your little ones.  Parents […]

Gentle Discipline: Some Helpful Alternatives to Spanking

self esteem spanking

Over the last few months, we’ve had some interesting discussions on Multicultural Familia about spanking and other punishments.  The first was a discussion on outdated parenting styles and secondly, a look into cultural relevance in discipline styles.  In each post, there were questions the about the use of physical punishment in general but also these […]

Babywearing for Newbies (Part 4): Babywearing Safety

In part one of Babywearing for the Newbie, I provided you with a history of babywearing, in part two I discussed the advantages and benefits of babywearing, and in part three I looked at the different babywearing options/carriers available. Now that you are well versed in the basics, let’s look at some basic babywearing safety […]

Babywearing for Newbies (Part 2): Benefits of Babywearing

Welcome back to our series in babywearing! In part one I gave you a brief history of babywearing. Now, let us look at some of the benefits of babywearing both for the child and the parents. Ask any baby wearing parent or caregiver what they see as the advantages of babywearing and you will probably […]

Is Your Parenting Style Outdated?

Did you know that giving a child a ‘Time Out’ is actually considered a bad thing? Yes, just as quickly as our children grow up so is the way of parenting techniques. Just a few years ago everyone was talking about ‘the naughty stool’. It was a trend, a skill to be perfected and executed immediately. We watched from […]