Get Creative with Lisa Loeb & Crayola in a LIVE Video Chat!

Want to chat LIVE with a cool celebrity mom? Here’s your chance!  Crayola wants every child to experience creative and imaginative play, so they’re inviting parents “Inside the Crayon Box,” for a series of special live chats with celebs and experts that they hope will inspire you to get creative with your little ones.  Parents […]

Gentle Discipline: Some Helpful Alternatives to Spanking

self esteem spanking

Over the last few months, we’ve had some interesting discussions on Multicultural Familia about spanking and other punishments.  The first was a discussion on outdated parenting styles and secondly, a look into cultural relevance in discipline styles.  In each post, there were questions the about the use of physical punishment in general but also these […]

Babywearing for Newbies (Part 4): Babywearing Safety

In part one of Babywearing for the Newbie, I provided you with a history of babywearing, in part two I discussed the advantages and benefits of babywearing, and in part three I looked at the different babywearing options/carriers available. Now that you are well versed in the basics, let’s look at some basic babywearing safety […]