Multicultural Families & Intercultural Relationships

multicultural families

Editors note: We saw this great article on Multilingual Living and had to share.  Follow the jump below to read the full article and weigh in with your opinion. Multicultural Families & Intercultural Relationships By Harriet Cannon, M.C. Photo Credit: Hyeyoung Kim The twenty first century is a brave new world of global connections, and multicultural relationships […]

WATCH: Black Girl Married Japanese Man {}

Black Girl Married Japanese Man

Black Girl Married Japanese Man Recently, one of our contributors moved from New York to Japan with her hubby and has been keeping a really interesting video diary on YouTube of cool cultural finds and all things Japanese. Check out Tara of in this video where she explains why her mixed relationship works.  ;) […]

My Boda Grande, Gorda y Multicultural Part II: Compromises

My Boda Grande, Gorda y Multicultural “You Can’t Always Get What You Want: goes the song…That rang so true during my wedding. Turns out what I wanted for my wedding, what my husband wanted for our wedding, and what everybody seemed to want for our wedding were very different things and with the multi-cultural factor […]

Saying Goodbye to Turkey: What To Do When Expat Homesickness Strikes

Expat Homesickness Survival Tips Ahhhh, a vacation in Turkey.  Amazing food.  Relaxing resorts. Incredible cross-cultural experiences. It’s great while it lasts.  But then we have to come home. For me and our kids the re-entry goes pretty smoothly. Sure, there’s jet-lag and a couple of days of disorientation while we readjust to life in the […]

My Boda Grande, Gorda, y Multicultural! (Part 1)

You’ve probably all seen movies like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Monster-in-Law”. You may have even experienced something similar when you married your spouses. I know I certainly did. In fact, if you’ve seen the movie Monster-in-Law with fellow Latina Jennifer Lopez, you might remember a scene where Jane Fonda hands her a HUGE […]

On My Intercultural Marriage: When An African American and African Hook Up

On My Intercultural Marriage You have to look a little harder to tell with us. Our complexities don’t show on the skin. To the average passerby, my husband and I appear to be a typical African American couple, but that’s not the case. Not by a long shot. I, you see, am just as I […]