Call for Submissions: TFW Forum on “Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism within Feminisms” {Deadline MAR 31}

via The Feminist Wire Recent critiques of “white feminist” silence surrounding the misogynist attack against nine-year old actress Quvenzhané Wallis, coupled with – what seems to be – a ubiquitous and ever-growing culture of indifference regarding violence against women of color in general, and “white feminist” taciturnity and/or insensitivity in light of the same, in […]

Django Unchained – Should It Have Been Made?

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Django Unchained – Should It Have Been Made? This story first appeared at Balancing Jane. I went to see Django Unchained last night, and I had a lot of thoughts. For the most part, I agree with the critical reception that’s appearing overwhelmingly positive (as of right now, it has an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes). I have […]

White Males & Gun Violence {Links via Tumblr}

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  White Males & Gun Violence via Tumblr: “In less than 10 days, the number of women and children killed will exceed the number of people–children and women and Lanza himself–lost on Friday. The same culture that results in so many unplanned, domestic, gun-enabled murders–part of 15,000 single victim homicides a year–is the one that […]

Republicans Dismayed Over Loss of the Asian Vote {BlogHer}

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Republicans Dismayed over “loss” of the Asian Vote {BlogHer} by Grace Hwang Lynch Don’t make me say I told you so. In Mandarin Chinese, there is a phrase, wo gei ni shuo. Literally translated, it means, “Let me tell you…” But it also implies that you should pull up a chair, because what I have to say […]

Equilibrar su vida y responsabilidades cuidado de familiares

Syndicated from Acerca de cuidado de familiares Noviembre es el mes del cuidado de familiares y aunque muchos no necesariamente pensemos que somos responsables por el cuidado de algún miembro de la familia,  la realidad es que la mayoría de los americanos están velando por la salud de algún familiar en estos momentos. Tareas y responsabilidades que […]

Buddhism’s Race Problem {HuffPost}

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Buddhism’s Race Problem This article is a part of Faith Shift, a Huffington Post series on how changes in demographics, culture, politics and theology are transforming religion in America. Find out more about it here. Previous articles have covered Muslims, Jews and Mormons. SEATTLE — They came from near and far on a Monday night last month for an unusual gathering […]

Balancing Life & Family Caregiving Responsibilities

Syndicated from About Family Caregiving November is National Family Caregiving Month and while many of us might not consider ourselves caregivers, the truth is that the majority of today’s Americans are.  Tasks that were previously done in hospitals and by professionals are increasingly done at home by family members who decide to provide care on their […]