Fun & Delicious Day of the Dead Recipes!

Abuelita Champurrado

Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead Recipes Recipes and photos provided by NESCAFÉ Café de Olla and NESTLÉ Abuelita. Day of the Dead begins on November 1st and to prepare for the holiday, we wanted to share with you a couple of delicious Day of the Dead recipes by NESCAFÉ Café de Olla and […]

Carla’s Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

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Macaroni and cheese is a true food icon.  This legendary dish made its public debut in the United States in the early 1800s as it graced the table of President Thomas Jefferson, who served it in the White House.  A star was born, and the rest is history!  Today, macaroni and cheese is considered one […]

Homemade Mexican Enchiladas Verdes {Recipe}

homemade mexican enchiladas

Homemade Mexican Enchiladas Verdes This melty, delicious cheese dish has an explosion of flavor, it’s so good I just don’t know how to describe it!! Servings: 2-6 (depending on the size of baking pan) Ingredients: 4 tomatoes 8 Serrano chiles 1 clove garlic 1/4 onion salt and pepper to taste 1/2 chicken breast cooked and […]

Grapefruit Buttermilk Granita {Sweet Life}

grapefruit buttermilk granita 018

Grapefruit Buttermilk Granita {Sweet Life} Citrus season in Texas is our favorite time of the year!! My girls simply can not get enough of these juicy ruby gems.  Ruby red grapefruits make their way into every meal of the day. Fresh squeezed juice for breakfast, ruby segments served alongside lunch, a grapefruit dressing for our salad at dinner and gently coaxed into a dreamy buttermilk […]

Familia Eats: Homemade Flour Tortillas

flour tortillas de harina

  Homemade Flour Tortillas (Mexican style) A classic staple in many Latino households, tortillas are a more than a tasty side, they’re also a great utensil for scooping mouthfuls of your favorite foods!  Whether you’re snacking on chorizo, waking up to a steaming plate of papa con huevo or making a taco with some left […]

Fun Holiday Recipe: Tortilla Snowflakes with Cajeta


Tortilla Snowflakes with Cajeta Looking for a fun holiday recipe to create with the kiddies during the winter months?  Here’s a super simple recipe made with tortillas and cajeta. Cajeta is a thick sweet sauce made from goat’s milk.  The sweetened milk is boiled down until it reaches a deep caramel color.  Cajeta can also […]

Tocabe’s Osage-Inspired Frybread Tacos

osage fry bread taco

©  Sweet Life Tocabe’s Osage-Inspired Frybread Tacos Created out of necessity, frybread is a food that represents both perseverance and pain in American Indian history.  Working with the little available in a changing environment, First Americans developed a recipe that has been proudly passed on from generation to generation.  Learn more. A quick bread, frybread often accompanies a meal, […]

Pastel de choclodulce {Peru Delights}

choclodulce featured image

All images courtesy   Corn cake Just like in the States, there are hundreds of recipes of corn cake in Latin America, maybe because corn is such a staple in our diet and, as a culture, we are always figuring out different ways to enjoy it in our tables. As far as we know, the savory […]

Familia Eats: Gelatina Tricolor


In honor of today being Mexican Independence Day and the second day of Hispanic Heritage Month, I have a special treat to share with you today…Gelatina Tricolor. Gelatina Tricolor, also known as Gelatina de Mosaico, is a very popular dessert in Mexico.  It’s even served in place of ice cream at birthday parties. During the […]