Sioux Falls Family Trips: Pumpkin Picking & Falls Park Fun #SafeConBritaxFallFun

Pumpkin Picking & Falls Park Fun Over the past two weeks the weather has really cooled down here in Sioux Falls and we’ve been getting really excited about the upcoming holidays.  Yesterday, we finally jump-started our holiday season by taking a little trip to the outskirts of town where we could pick our own pumpkin…the […]

What to Pack for a Road Trip with Abuela #CareSupport

What to Pack for a Road Trip with Abuela Summer is a great time to travel with family and friends, especially with many reunions and even the 4th of July coming up!  Many families drive across country to celebrate with barbecues, fireworks and connect with their precious little ones.  But packing everyone up in the […]

Teen Travel Summit & Extravaganza {Passport Party Project}

teen travel summit extravaganza

Today we just had to share this awesome event from the The Passport Party Project! Check out the details below: is a super! fantastic! Weekend Extravaganza for tw/eens & their parents featuring travel workshops, travel chat, travel prizes & loads of travel fun! MISSION To encourage safe, educational & fun domestic and international travel for tw/eens and […]

Sioux Falls Swim Parks

Swim Parks & Summer Memories When I was growing up, it was the beach.  We were always there every weekend and even on the weekdays during the hottest weeks.  But here in Sioux Falls, we don’t have Lake Michigan…we have water parks. Sometimes I still miss the beach.  I miss picking out our spot, laying […]

Sioux Falls Shoto-Teien Japanese Gardens

Shoto-Teien Japanese Gardens in Sioux Falls One of our favorite spots to relax in Sioux Falls is the Shoto-Teien Japanese Gardens in Terrace Park.  It’s a beautiful little space, right on the shore of Covell Lake.  The gardens are absolutely beautiful, especially during mid-summer when the flowers and tree blossoms are in full bloom. This […]

Sioux Falls Trips: Falls Park

Flavor of Sioux Falls – Falls Park Up until now, I’ve kind of left my location in the universe ambiguous.  Those closest to us know where were at, but for most, the answer is simply, “the Midwest”.  Well, lately I’ve been feeling like I’d like to share a little bit of my world and tell […]

A Puerto Rican in Paris: Expat Nightmares

Mari and her oldest girl Bianca at the Rodan Gardens in Paris

A Puerto Rican in Paris: Expat Nightmares Here in the United States, we are constantly criticizing our immigration system, the inhumane politics of a wall to keep people out and the lack of a coherent policy. These criticisms are all valid, but we sometimes forget to ask ourselves how our immigration problems in the United […]

Charitable Acts: “The Passport Party Project”

Tracey Friley One Brown Girl OBG Adventure

  Tracey Friley is a Multicultural Familia contributor and the brain behind the Passport Party Project, a unique initiative aimed at making sure every girl will have the chance to receive their first passport.   From the Passport Party Project website; Only 30% of Americans have a passport.  Crazy, isn’t it? Frustrated by this statistic, Tracey Friley, Executive […]

Saying Goodbye to Turkey: What To Do When Expat Homesickness Strikes

Image: Adam Franco

Expat Homesickness Survival Tips Ahhhh, a vacation in Turkey.  Amazing food.  Relaxing resorts. Incredible cross-cultural experiences. It’s great while it lasts.  But then we have to come home. For me and our kids the re-entry goes pretty smoothly. Sure, there’s jet-lag and a couple of days of disorientation while we readjust to life in the […]

What Makes You Ask?


I’m a culture fanatic.  In Big Girl Speak, I’m a self-proclaimed Culturalista.  And in the words of Lady GaGa, I was born this way.  *Paws up* I grew up in a multicultural environment and enjoy love learning about different cultural traditions; I work really hard not to buy into cultural stereotypes; and I have this crazy thing […]