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Multicultural Familia™ is a not-for-profit, multi-author platform that is dedicated to empowering and making visible today’s modern families.  Founded in 2011 by Chantilly Patiño and a collaborative group of multicultural bloggers, Multicultural Familia™ is a community supported project, aimed at promoting open discussions about the conversations that are most relevant to mixed race families and which celebrate multicultural lifestyle.  Learn more about us:


Want to get involved and help us grow even more?  Here’s a quick round-up of how you can help.

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Whether you’re an expert with information to share, an author who needs a platform to promote your new book or an organization looking to get the word out on a new initiative  we’re here to help!  We want you to be a success and we want our readers to hear what you have to say.  Learn more at: or email us direct at!  Keep in mind, we’re super busy, so anything that you can do to make sharing your news easier is appreciated.  Send us your press releases, a prepared post -ready for publishing, and all of your social media links for quick referencing.

# 2 – Share Your Story

One of the missions of Multicultural Familia™ is to provide a space where YOU (our readers) can share your stories and express yourselves on topics that might not get attention elsewhere.  We’re here to support each other, empower each other and vent about our unique family life and all it’s quirks.  We’re here to share our concerns and open up to each other about the REAL stuff that nobody else is really talking about.  Write up your story and submit it to us here: or email it to us at!

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Multicultural Familia is 100% community-run and supported.  We appreciate your continued support and contributions to our site and you can help us keep the smart content and resources available to our readers by promoting us, partnering with us or donating to support a writer or column.

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#4 – Partner With us

We are interested in partnering with educators, universities and related websites to provide educational columns and series about race, gender, progressive parenting, cultural awareness, mixed race identity and social justice.  If you’re an individual or organization with a resource to share, please reach out to us at to learn how you can partner with us.

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