Submission Guidelines

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Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Multicultural Familia™ welcomes guest writers to contribute articles that resonate with our readers by providing useful tips, sharing personal stories, relationship and parenting advice or thought-provoking discussions about identity and culture. You can learn more about Multicultural Familia™ and our mission by visiting our About page.

If you would like to contribute to Multicultural Familia™, please read our guidelines and submit your article to It may take us a minimum of 48 hours to reply to your requests.  Your patience is appreciated and thanks so much for your interest!

Article Submission Guidelines:

  • You can send your submission in a Word document (you can do this for free via Google Docs).
  • Please also include a brief bio (about 3-5 sentences), a head shot and social media links.
  • Articles should be approximately 600-800 words, shorter or longer articles may also be accepted.
  • Article images are welcome, but could be subject to change. Please do not send images that you do not have rights to use or ownership of.
  • Content submitted should be relevant to multicultural/multiracial families and individuals.  See recommended topics below.
  • We love articles that tell personal stories, offer inspiration and tips or are thought provoking.
  • If your submission is time sensitive (i.e. geared toward a specific event or holiday), please say so in the subject line by including a “publish by” date.
  • If your article requires editing or is not approved for publishing, we will notify you at the email address that you provided in your submission form.

Article Topic Suggestions:

  • Introducing co-workers, friends, family, etc. to culture
  • The right to identify as “mixed/multiracial”
  • “Good” hair/”Bad” hair stories or debate
  • Natural hair care & Natural skin care
  • Natural parenting topics (baby wearing, nursing, co-sleeping)
  • Skin color and identity, skin bleaching, body image, etc.
  • How to raise confident kids
  • Politics, news and causes
  • How to handle instances of racism
  • How to fight workplace discrimination
  • Multicultural product reviews and experiences
  • How to give your child a multicultural education
  • Multicultural parenting resources
  • Raising biracial/multiracial teens
  • Religion and conflict in interfaith relationships
  • How are stereotypes created?
  • How can we dismantle our prejudices?
  • In-laws and family relationships
  • Fun family activities or crafts
  • Raising multilingual/bilingual kids
  • Favorite recipes and cooking tips
  • How to get your kids interested in new traditions, foods, music, etc
  • Fun stories that relate to interracial/biracial/multicultural/multilingual life
  • Travel tips and best destinations for multicultural families
  • Tips and inspirational stories about pursuing higher education and community leadership
  • Definitions for popular terms like biracial/multiracial, interracial/intercultural, bicultural/multicultural, etc.
  • Language game sites online for kids and language learning online for adults
  • Book, movie and product reviews of interest to diverse families
  • Personal experiences with interracial relationships, multiracial parenting, racism, etc
  • Dealing with issues such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse
  • Resources and tips on how to teach children to think and act critically

Thank you so much for your interesting in contributing to Multicultural Familia™!  We look forward to hearing from you!