Bicultural Parenting Confessions

Confessions of a Bicultural Mom This past year has been busier than ever and I’ve felt guilty too many times about living in the Midwest and about not immersing our daughter enough into Mexican culture.  It’s been hard.  We’re far away from our family and friends who influence our Latino roots most and we haven’t […]

Engrish in Japan

engrish, engrish in japan, japanese engrish

Engrish in Japan Yes, you read the title correctly, Engrish. It is a term used in Japan which refers to how the Japanese use English incorrectly pertaining to pronunciation and grammar. I was completely shocked by how poor the grammar and spelling was in major magazines, on t-shirts, and in various texts. I thought, jeez does anyone […]

Celebrating Small Victories in Bicultural Parenting

mixed experience history month - light-skinned-ed girl

Bicultural Parenting: Celebrating Small Victories Today I’m sharing a guest post I wrote that was previously published on in July 2011.  Our families may not be perfect, but there are many small victories that are worth celebrating!  :) Once we were married, my husband and I had put the worst behind us. Our families […]

Bilingual Books for Early Readers – Escucha Means Listen

Bilingual Books for Early Readers – Escucha Means Listen Escucha Means Listen is a bilingual children’s picture book for early readers, approximately ages 3-5.  Authored by Talia Aikens-Nuñez, Escucha Means Listen is simple and thoughtfully written.  It’s back and forth, English / Spanish transitions sound natural and are fun to repeat with young children as they learn.  Both […]

Bilingualism & Bilingual Parenting {Multicultural Mondays}

Bilingual Parenting Isn’t Just About Language This is a Multicultural Mondays post!  To join in, CLICK HERE for details and come back to this post to add your link!  :) So many times I’ve been asked, “Why is raising bilingual kids so important?”  Since the language of study is Spanish in our home, it’s usually framed with a series […]

Raising Bilingual Niños: A Beginner’s Guide for Non-Fluent Parents

Gabrielle Ocasio

Raising Bilingual Niños: A Beginner’s Guide for Non-Fluent Parents I am a non-Spanish speaking Puerto Rican. I was raised in Tampa, FL until my preteens and I was never taught to speak Spanish. I am not bilingual, and although I can understand words here and there, I still struggle to understand conversations in Spanish. This […]

Parenting Bilingual Niños When You’re Not Fluent

Parenting Bilingual Niños Being the parent of a bilingual child isn’t always easy…especially when you’re not fluent. I’ve been teaching my daughter Spanish since birth…a few words here and there, never speaking in full conversations because I have absolutely no idea what a fluent Spanish speaking mother would say to her child.  I wish I was […]

5 Fun Spanish Game Sites for Kids! / 5 mejores sitios de juegos en español para niños!

Juegos para niños Are you teaching your little ones Spanish?  Here are 5 great sites for getting started that won’t make them feel like their getting a Spanish lesson.  ;)  They’re fun, super simple and have fewer ads than most game sites…so you won’t have to worry about your pequeñitos clicking out of their games […]

Introducing Plaza Familia, the first national, bilingual multi-platform magazine for Hispanics

Screen shot via Plaza Familia

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Mar 02, 2012 – NEW YORK, NY — At a time where the publishing industry is evolving, educational publisher and developer Premier Transmedia, has responded to the needs of the diverse Hispanic community by launching Plaza Familia, the first bilingual family magazine in the US created by Latinos, for Latinos.With an […]

Raising Bilingual Children: From ‘La Isla’ to NYC

Image: Flickr / creative arts in education

  From Puerto Rico to New York City Everything is almost set!  It looks like my family is packing bags and moving to the Big Apple in just a few months. As excited as I am to live in such a diverse and magnificent city, one fear seems to trump everything else…the question of whether […]