One mother’s response to her 7 year old about female body image {}

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One mother’s response to her 7 year old about female body image by Janell Hofmann I am sitting, cross legged, on the bathroom floor trimming my five year old daughters’ toenails.  My nine year old son showers his muddy body as I lean against the tub.  My three year old daughter wrestles herself into pajamas […]

Mix-up your Multicultural Holidays by Celebrating What’s Different

we're different we're the same, celebrating differences, celebrating similarities and differences

This article is part of our Multicultural Holidays series.  You can submit your own story for publishing on Multicultural Familia via our submissions page here. We’re Different, We’re the Same by Jen Marshall Duncan When my kids were littler, we read this book over and over again. Sometimes we turned the pages looking for noses that looked […]

WATCH: If She Can See It, She Can Be It {}

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Talking with my 5-year-old about Racism

talking to my 5 year old about racism, talking to kids about race

Talking with my 5-year-old about Racism Syndicated from Musing Momma. The other evening I asked my husband, “Do you think we should tell Zip about racism now?” Over the past five years, we’ve talked openly about race and skin color and cultural differences. We’ve presented these as things to celebrate and appreciate. We’ve done a great […]

The Power of Voting & Kids at the Polls

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The Power of Voting Do you know how precious the right to vote is? Many have died trying to do something as simple as filling in the dot on a ballot. The privilege of going to the polls is something we should all recognize and appreciate. Our children need to learn not to take the […]

Biracial Parenting: How Important Is Diversity In Schools?

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How Important Is Diversity In Schools? Syndicated from Musing Momma. How important is it for children of color to attend a school that has diversity?  I ask, because our son just started kindergarten and his school is like a big ol’ slice of Wonderbread. It is really white. I knew when we moved a few years ago that the […]

Raising Color Blind Kids And Why I Wouldn’t Dare {De Su Mama}

Raising colorblind kids color blind multicultural parenting racism white privilege mixed race

Raising Color Blind Kids And Why I Wouldn’t Dare In college I took a year-long Multicultural Mediation course that met on Saturdays and required an overnight camping trip in order to earn a passing grade. Going to school every Saturday is a testament to any college student’s dedication, but I would do it again in […]

Raising Bilingual Niños: A Beginner’s Guide for Non-Fluent Parents

Gabrielle Ocasio

Raising Bilingual Niños: A Beginner’s Guide for Non-Fluent Parents I am a non-Spanish speaking Puerto Rican. I was raised in Tampa, FL until my preteens and I was never taught to speak Spanish. I am not bilingual, and although I can understand words here and there, I still struggle to understand conversations in Spanish. This […]

Becoming Dad: 6 Signs of a Good Father

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What it Means to be a Good Father I love my husband. When I think about the reasons why I love him, one always rises to the top of the pile.  Even with all the wonderful things he’s said or done, nothing will ever compare to watching him bloom into an adoring father.  I watch […]

Our Shades of Brown: Addressing Prejudice in Blended Families

florecita growing up

This story first appeared on Florecita Growing Up So lately we’ve been a lot more involved in community organizing and since the kids are getting older we decided to start bringing them along to make sure we are not neglecting them in the process of helping others, or creating spaces that we would like to […]

Birthing A Skin Color: Looking Deeper At My Son

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Birthing A Skin Color Perhaps because my first child was born with a light complexion, even more so than my own, concerns surrounding skin color were not paramount during my first year of parenthood. Underhanded comments, questions of when the darkening would stop, or horrific labeling never occurred. She was allowed to exist in her […]

The Good & Bad of TIME Magazine’s Breastfeeding Cover


The Good & Bad of TIME Magazine’s Breastfeeding Cover TIME Magazine’s new breastfeeding cover has people up in arms and it’s easy to see why.  Not only is she nursing a toddler, a known taboo in much of American culture, but she’s also sexed up in tight pants and a killer confident pose that almost […]