WATCH: Auburn – All About Him + My Baby

Auburn All About Him, interracial love, music video, interracial couple, mixed race, biracial

Auburn – All About Him + My Baby We love it when we see songs about interracial love and Auburn has a couple of really cute ones.  Check our “All About Him” and “My Baby” below.  We know you’ll enjoy these interracial love songs as much as we do!  If you have another great song […]

Interracial Dating Confession: “I worried what my friends would say”

interracial dating, what will my friends say

Interracial Dating Confession: “I worried what my friends would say” This story first appeared on I’ve written this post and rewritten it and started it over at least three times now, until finally I resolved to just write it! And I realized that trying to capture the experience of being in an interracial marriage and […]

Multicultural Families & Intercultural Relationships

multicultural families

Editors note: We saw this great article on Multilingual Living and had to share.  Follow the jump below to read the full article and weigh in with your opinion. Multicultural Families & Intercultural Relationships By Harriet Cannon, M.C. Photo Credit: Hyeyoung Kim The twenty first century is a brave new world of global connections, and multicultural relationships […]

Biracial Families: Just when you thought you made a difference…

biracial families, white mom, not accepted

Biracial Families: Just when you thought you made a difference… When I first started my professional career I was under the assumption that college made you more culturally sensitive, after all, didn’t everybody take Sociology 101? What I soon found out was, spending $40,000 on a degree does not guarantee that you will be able […]

True Love Has No Color – An Interracial Wedding & Baby Story

interracial couple wedding relationship marriage mixedrace

True Love Has No Color – An Interracial Wedding & Baby Story I recently married into a family with a skin color a few shades darker than my own.  A distinguished, open-minded family for sure, my new father, a Nigerian who got his PHD in California, my new mother has a masters from UCLA, my […]

How to Survive in a Interracial Relationship When You Don’t Have the Support of Your Family & Friends

interracial relationship intercultural interethnic couple

How to Survive in an Interracial Relationship Interracial relationships come with their own unique set of challenges.  For starters, more often than not, it is those closest to you who are most critical of your relationship and the choices you make.  There is a special kind of hurt and deep disappointment that comes with attacks from your […]

‘Generations of Loving': A Modern Loving Day Story

family multiracial interracial loving day

Generations of Loving My engagement to my husband was a family affair. When he got down on one knee and popped the question, I was already hugely surprised. But little did I know that our family and friends had gathered in secret for a surprise engagement party as well. It was actually the first time […]

WATCH: Black Girl Married Japanese Man {}

Black Girl Married Japanese Man

Black Girl Married Japanese Man Recently, one of our contributors moved from New York to Japan with her hubby and has been keeping a really interesting video diary on YouTube of cool cultural finds and all things Japanese. Check out Tara of in this video where she explains why her mixed relationship works.  ;) […]

3 Fun Romantic Comedies for Interethnic Couples


When it comes to date night, finding the perfect film can be difficult.  You may have different interests, you want to have fun and above all there has to be a little romance involved. Here are three popular picks to help you enjoy your weekend! My Big Fat Greek Wedding IMDb description:“A young Greek woman falls […]

Trayvon Martin Could Be Your Son Too: Racial Profiling & Interracial Relationships

trayvon martin

Racial Profiling & Interracial Relationships “Will my White husband be able to sympathize and empathize with our biracial son if he is a victim of any racial iniquities?” I thought of this question last month, and upon asking Joseph his opinion, he answered, “I’m not sure because I’ve never had to deal with that. Yet, […]

Are Interracial Marriages Likely to Fail?


Are Interracial Marriages Likely to Fail? Every little girl dreams about her wedding day. As a kid, I remember telling my friends that I wanted to get married at 22, have a kid by 24, and have a fabulous career. I thought I had it all planned. But I never really placed a face on […]

An Interracial Valentine’s Day: Loving Story to Premier on HBO Tonight at 9pm

Richard and Mildred Loving - Estate of Grey Villet

  Interracial Loving I laid in bed last night, beautiful husband asleep next to me, precious fourth child (who thinks we are in his bed) sound asleep between us, and I imagined the sheer terror we would experience if a team of law enforcement officers broke down our door and rushed into our bedroom, guns […]