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This is your platform, a space for your stories.

One of the missions of Multicultural Familia™ is to provide a space where YOU (our readers) can share your stories and express yourselves on topics that are important to you.  We’re here to support each other, empower each other and vent about our unique family life and all it’s quirks.  We’re here to share our concerns and open up to each other about the REAL stuff that matters to OUR families.

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So we invite you, as guests, to write what you feel and share your take on multiracial life or anything else on the spectrum.  This is a safe place for individuals to express themselves in ‘mixed company’ minus the drama.

And if you’re not feeling totally comfy, but still have the desire to share, we can publish your story anonymously.

To publish your story anonymously, just let us know when you submit your story below, that you would rather not have your personal information released and we’ll keep it 100% private!

We also welcome bloggers and experts to share on Multicultural Familia.  If you would like attribution, please include your name or public alias, a short bio (about 3-5 sentences) and head shot.  You may also include links to your blog, website and social media profiles.

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