A Little Back Story on Me & the Hubs: How We Met

Celebrating 7 years of marriage Hubby and I recently celebrated 7 years married and 11 years together.  To recap, we’re sharing how we met and our engagement story.  Below you’ll also find some cool links with more great stories about our life together. How we met… I was working at a local amusement park for my […]

First morning after insulin during pregnancy

First morning after insulin during pregnancy So, last night I had a 156 1 hour after dinner and this morning, my fasting was 92. Just a little high for both. Today we’ll see how it goes now that I’ll have both meds all day. If it’s still a little high, we’ll do a minor adjustment […]

Starting on Insulin during pregnancy

Starting on Insulin during pregnancy I just took my first ever injection of insulin. I’m not a person who’s cool with needles. In fact, I can’t even watch them draw my blood at the doctor’s office, but I did it. It took me about 20 minutes with a hovering needle before I could do it. […]

Fine Tuning Gestational Diabetes with Glyburide

Fine Tuning Gestational Diabetes with Glyburide My glucose numbers are improving. It’s been almost 3 weeks since I started with medication (Glyburide) on July 4th and I’m finally in the 80s for my fasting blood glucose and in the 110-120s range 1 hour after meals. It’s taken a lot of back and forth, getting the […]

Ketones, diabetes and pregnancy

27 weeks and counting Ok, so I’ve never had to do this before, but this week I’m learning about Ketones. I’ve been testing every morning and it’s been all good except today, which I think is a result of not eating enough on Monday (I was super busy and totally dropped the ball). Anyway, if […]

Getting enough protein when you’re diabetic

26 weeks and counting So, I recently asked my friends on Facebook about what kinds of things I could eat in the mornings to get more protein with my breakfast without eating too many carbs (right now I’m at 30 carbs for breakfast).   They gave me so many good suggestions.  Here is what they said: […]