Actress Mallika Sherawat confronts reporter on women’s rights comments

According to at least one member of the audience, Actress Mallika Sherawat got a little “too emotional” recently when she confronted a reporter that called her out on comments that India is “regressive and depressing”.  In the press conference, Sherawat attempts to clear the air by letting everyone know exactly what she meant by those words. […]

Black Male Privilege & Black Women {Trending Tweets}


#BlackPowerIsForBlackMen Trending on Twitter If you don’t think that male privilege inherently disadvantages women, think again.  If you don’t realize that men regardless of race (Black, Latino, etc.) have an advantage over women of color, you’re in for a lesson.  Women of color are double disadvantaged by their color and sex, and this is shown […]

On Feminism & Intersectionality {Trending Tweets}

#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen Lights Up Twitter If you haven’t seen the hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen on Twitter yet, you’re in for some really interesting and academic dialog on the discussion of feminism and inclusion. The conversations on this hashtag are smart, informed and well worth your time, so please listen in. I do want to address some of the […]

Book Review: Mama’s Child by Joan Steinau Lester

I recently received a review copy of Mama’s Child from JKS Communications.  The following is my full review.  All opinions are my own. Mama’s Child is a book about identity and self-exploration.  It is a tale that is deeply entwined in sociological thought.  A great read for those interested in sociology, feminism and especially blended families. […]

On the Importance of Mentorship {Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In book}

I haven’t read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In yet, but I think the following article provides an interesting discussion on the topic. Read the article: Sheryl Sandberg’s Message on Mentoring Is Wrong—and Dangerous On the Importance of Mentorship Over the past year, as I’ve grown my own business, I’ve started mentoring bloggers and aspiring entrepreneurs, and the impact is […]

My daughter wants to be Spiderman. Who’s to say she can’t be?

Right now, my daughter wants to be a superhero, more specifically, my daughter wants to be Spiderman. Who’s to say she can’t? And where are all the female superheroes who are strong without being sexualized? Just what female characters is she supposed to look to as examples??  I am so tired of all the strong […]

Call for Submissions: TFW Forum on “Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism within Feminisms” {Deadline MAR 31}

via The Feminist Wire Recent critiques of “white feminist” silence surrounding the misogynist attack against nine-year old actress Quvenzhané Wallis, coupled with – what seems to be – a ubiquitous and ever-growing culture of indifference regarding violence against women of color in general, and “white feminist” taciturnity and/or insensitivity in light of the same, in […]

Abused & Violated: What It’s Like Being a Teen Girl

abused violated what its like to be a teen girl, sexism, teen girls, abuse, bullying, sexual abuse

Abused & Violated: What It’s Like Being a Teen Girl The violations started small. I was 12, fairly tall with brand new boobs. My mother wouldn’t let me buy “real bras” for a long time. It didn’t occur to me that was weird until boys in my class started advising me to “stop wearing sports […]