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FAQs About Syndication on

Multicultural Familia™ wants to highlight your stories by showcasing great writing, diverse voices and stories that educate and build community. As part of our mission to further awareness about multicultural families and create a community of shared stories, we think that syndication can be a powerful tool for the promotion and empowerment of multicultural bloggers by highlighting great content and providing a community platform.

What is syndication?  Are there benefits to syndicating my blog content?

If your blog or blog post is selected for syndication, we will republish it on Multicultural Familia™.  Your post will be featured on our homepage and shared via social media (Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc.).  You will also receive two links back to your blog in each post along with your blog bio and logo.  Backlinks and exposure help to build SEO and valuable blog traffic.

Each syndicated blog will also be provided with a badge to let everyone know that you’re syndicated on Multicultural Familia™!

Multicultural Familia™ does not offer payment for syndication, but we do protect your blog’s SEO by ‘no-indexing’ each syndicated post that we republish on our site.  That means that you keep the SEO rank for your original posts.

You also have the option of altering your posts to rank higher for another search term on our site if that is your preference.  This often includes altering the title, headings and the first and last paragraphs of each post to be indexed.  Ranking on our site, can also help your blog, since valuable backlinks will be included in every post.

Types of Syndication:

  • Original Content – Content exclusive to for a period of 90 days.
  • Republished Content – Content from your blog, republished on
  • Featured Content – 1/3 of your post published on our site with a link back to your blog for the full article.
  • Video – Embedded into a post on
  • Podcast – Embedded into a post on

Have questions?  Please email us at for more details.

How does syndication work?  How often can I syndicate my content?

Multicultural Familia™ has the ability to pull your posts from your blog’s RSS feed.  This makes it possible for us to upload your recent posts in a matter of seconds with no effort on your part.  Typically, we will pull your last five posts and select one or more that are a good fit for our site.  The number and type of posts we select depends on the preferences that you outline in your application (see form below).

You also have the option of selecting the posts that you would like to submit for syndication by choosing the ‘single-post syndication’ option in the form below.  If you choose this option, you would submit each post for syndication individually.

View our ‘Write for Us‘ page to see what kinds of posts we’re looking for.

Who can become a syndicated blogger on

Anyone can be syndicated on Multicultural Familia™.  We welcome bloggers from a variety of social, economic and cultural backgrounds, both U.S. bloggers, international bloggers and expats.  We invite experienced and newbie bloggers to apply.  Keep in mind, our first priority is quality content that can benefit our readers and the online multicultural community, however this doesn’t not mean that you have to write about multiculturalism or be in a multicultural family to become a syndicated blogger.  It also means that we don’t base our selection on credentials, so every blogger has an equal chance of being approved for syndication on our site.

What if I decide that I no longer want to syndicate my post(s)?

Multicultural Familia™ does not remove posts after they have been published.  However, if you decide that you would like to stop syndication of your regular posts or a post that is due to be published, please email us as soon as possible to interrupt publishing.  We are happy to accomodate your preferences and stop publishing when needed.

How long will it take before I receive a reply to my application?

We go over every application that is sent to us and will do our best to respond to every application within 15 days of your submission.  If you do not receive a reply from us in that time period, you can email us at to check on the status of your application.