White Males & Gun Violence {Links via Tumblr}

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  White Males & Gun Violence via Tumblr: “In less than 10 days, the number of women and children killed will exceed the number of people–children and women and Lanza himself–lost on Friday. The same culture that results in so many unplanned, domestic, gun-enabled murders–part of 15,000 single victim homicides a year–is the one that […]

Justice for Amina – #RIPAmina

  Justice for Amina – #RIPAmina On March 10th a young woman in Morocco committed suicide.  This in and of itself is sad however, Amina Filali was sixteen years old, a victim of rape and underage marriage, and married by her fathers’ will to her rapist.  After her death there was a global outcry against what happened.  There also were reports that […]

Her Words, Her Voice

  Her words, her voice… “He loves me… I just have a big mouth and you know it… he is just stressed out… he didn’t mean to… he said sorry… mind your own business! I love him though… I don’t think I can go back to him, he choked me when I tried to leave […]