Traditional Native Parenting Conference {December 3-4 2012}

Traditional Native Parenting Conference

Traditional Native Parenting Conference When: December 3-4 2012 Where: Red Lion Hotel in Farmington, NM on . To Pre-Register: contact Lyle Harvey- 928.206.9465 or Berdina Tsosie- 928.349.0271 About the conference: A traditional based conference emphasizing the roles of the mother and father, teachings and discipline of the home, child personality and behavior issues, and traditional child rearing philosophy. […]

Russell Means, Gone But Not Forgotten {Argus Leader}

Russell Means dies, indian activist, native american activist

Russell Means, Gone But Not Forgotten Native American activist Russell Means, who gained national attention as a leader in the American Indian Movement and rode that wave into acting and politics, died Monday at his ranch in Porcupine on the Pine Ridge reservation. The 72-year-old Oglala was diagnosed in August 2011 with inoperable esophageal cancer […]

Youngest Member of Chickahominy Tribal Council Aims to Become First Female Chief

first female chief virginia

Will Jessica Stewart be the first female chief of the Chickahominy tribe? Charles City County, Henrico County’s closest neighbor to the east and just a few miles from Richmond, Va., was a secure and comfortable place for Jessica Stewart to grow up. She was surrounded by extended family and many other Chickahominy Indians. She grew up wanting to […]

Native American Spirituality In The United States Prison System {Part 2: Legal Restrictions on Spirituality}

Part 1 of our series on Native American Spirituality In The United States Prison System examined spiritual practices and sacred objects prohibited in prison and their importance. Part 2 asks the question, “How did this obvious denial of freedom to practice Native spirituality in prison begin?” Legal Battles to Protect Native American Spirituality in the […]

Native American Spirituality In the U.S. Prison System {Part 1: Denial of Religious Rites}

Native American Spirituality In the U.S. Prison System For centuries Native Americans struggled to retain and to engage in their traditional spiritual practices in the midst of a society dominated by Judeo-Christian beliefs.  Since the coming of Christopher Columbus, Native peoples fought against European expansionists to maintain their traditional cultures, religions, and way of life.  […]

Tocabe’s Osage-Inspired Frybread Tacos

©  Sweet Life Tocabe’s Osage-Inspired Frybread Tacos Created out of necessity, frybread is a food that represents both perseverance and pain in American Indian history.  Working with the little available in a changing environment, First Americans developed a recipe that has been proudly passed on from generation to generation.  Learn more. A quick bread, frybread often accompanies a meal, […]

South Dakota Forcibly Removes Indian Children to White Foster Homes

Image Credit: John Poole/NPR — Janice Howe’s grandchild Derrin Yellow Robe, 3, stands in his great-grandparents’ back yard on the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota. Along with his twin sister and two older sisters, he was taken off the reservation by South Dakota’s Department of Social Services in July of 2009.   Indian Removal in Modern Day […]

Interview with “American Indians in Children’s Literature” Curator, Debbie Reese

Image Credit: American Indians in Children’s Literature American Indians in Children’s Literature I first came across Debbie’s work several months ago while searching for information about Native American stereotypes.  A search led me to her site, Images of Indians in Children’s Books, which contains some interesting stereotypical images and the stories behind them.  This really […]