Black History Lit Review: Life Upon These Shores

    A Look at Black History We all learn stories about Black heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and George Washington Carver; but there are so many more stories from Black History that should be shared.  African-Americans represent a diverse group of people with a rich and varied history in the United […]

Call for Guest Writers: Black History, Women’s History & Related Topics

  We’re currently seeking submissions for Black History Month, Women’s History Month (March) and related topics.  We’re open to a variety writing styles and experience levels.  We welcome your personal stories and expertise and would love to share your insights with our audience.  To submit a story or article, see details below. We’re looking for: […]

Bessie Coleman: Black History Bio & Craft

Who is Bessie Coleman? BESSIE COLEMAN (1892-1926) was the first black woman to become an airplane pilot and the first African American to hold an international pilot license. She was born in Atlanta, Texas to sharecroppers. Bessie Coleman was an outspoken feminist who defied Jim Crow laws and made her dreams a reality. “After receiving a string […]

Yes, It’s Black History Month for Everyone

 Image: The Shelf Life   I love Black History Month. People are holding events, celebrating, and talking about our African American heroes. The problem is that it seems only African Americans are participating in this month long celebration. If you walk around the streets of NYC and ask what’s special about the month of February, […]

Understanding ‘The Help’: Fiction vs. Reality

Understanding ‘The Help’: Fiction vs. Reality For the last couple of weeks I have watched as both admirers and critics have frothed at the mouth over the release of the Touchstone Pictures/ DreamWorks film version of Kathryn Stockett’s fictional novel, “The Help”.  The film has been praised as a delightfully insightful piece of work, as […]