VOTE: Support Girls in STEM & Black Girls CODE

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About Black Girls CODE Latism 2012 has ended, but the buzz is circulating around several stand-out organizations that made a splash a the conference last week.  One of those organizations is Black Girls Code.  The organization, which provides education in computer technology for girls ages 7-17, is based in San Francisco and provides the crucial […]

Is Disney’s First Latina Princess ‘Latina Enough’?


Syndicated from Bicultural Mom Today I was wandering around on Facebook as usual and I came across a post about Disney’s first Latina princess.  If you haven’t heard yet, here’s a quick video preview of the show, Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess: Disney’s First Latina Princess – Is She ‘Latina Enough’? So the big […]

Brown Girls for Obama Tee – CLEARANCE SALE! {Just $5.00!}

Brown Girls for Obama Tee – CLEARANCE SALE! Now through election day, Tracey of is selling her fabulous Brown Girls for Obama tee for just $5.00!  Sizes range from Small to 3X. Description: This long-sleeved white tee is a cute little conversation piece that can be worn hanging out or working out.  I collaborated with television […]

On Gabby Douglas, Dominique Dawes & Brown Girls Everywhere {Nadirah Angail}

Gabby Douglas haters black woman gold medal olympics

On Gabby Douglas, Dominique Dawes & Brown Girls Everywhere I can do a cartwheel. That’s about it, but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with then-teen gymnast Dominique Dawes. Not only was she beautiful and amazingly talented, but she was brown, and that means something to a brown girl who struggles to find her own […]

Raising Color Blind Kids And Why I Wouldn’t Dare {De Su Mama}

Raising Color Blind Kids And Why I Wouldn’t Dare In college I took a year-long Multicultural Mediation course that met on Saturdays and required an overnight camping trip in order to earn a passing grade. Going to school every Saturday is a testament to any college student’s dedication, but I would do it again in […]

Parenting Teens in Reality – Are We Crashing Dreams?

parenting teens we can't all be pro athletes teens of color career dreams reality check

Parenting Teens in Reality – Are We Crashing Dreams? Last week I had one of those horrible parenting moments…the ones where you wonder whether or not you’ve scarred your child for life, knowing that someday there will be a therapist listening to her blame her mother for long-term issues stemming from that day of that […]

One Mom’s Story: Teaching My Daughter About Racism

Teaching Kids About Racism Somewhere very early in my first pregnancy I began to feel the inklings of the tension.  I knew way back then that there would come a day somewhere in the far off future when my child would be approached in a not-so-cool way by another person about her biracial parentage.  I […]

Quick Facts About Women’s History Month & 100th Anniversary of Girl Scouts

Women’s History & Girl Scouts of America As a mom, I worry a lot about raising my daughters to be confident young women. As a white mom to girls of color, I worry even more about instilling courage, confidence and character in them so that they can combat society’s gender and racial stereotypes in productive […]

A Natural Hair Story: From Natural to Relaxed and Back Again

This is my oldest daughter. She was born with straight, fine hair. As she got older it started to get curly. And then it got curlier. I found a book called It’s All Good Hair and tried to learn how to put her hair in protective styles. When she was little, it was easy to do her […]

6 Amazing Must-Follow Natural Hair Care Blogs!

#1 Keyative Styles – Tons of interesting and unique styles for newbies and pros!  ______________________________________________________ #2 Rockin’ it Naptural – Detailed product reviews, a variety of natural hair photos from around the web and tons of great features!  ______________________________________________________ #3 Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care – Great styles, informative and full of parenting guidance!  ______________________________________________________ #4 Tweeny […]

“Sh*t White Girls Say…to Black Girls” Goes Viral – Watch Chescaleigh Today on Anderson!

  Sh*t White Girls Say Goes Viral If you’re online a lot and into all the social media buzz, you’ve probably already heard about “Sh*t White Girls Say…to Black Girls”.  The video was an instant hit with many who laughed at the honesty of the clip and enjoyed the message that it shared about what […]