WATCH: ‘Negro’ – Colorism and “Mejorando La Raza”

Internalized racism, color preference, class whitening and “bettering the race” are discussed. Interviewees talk about their experiences with family, friends and strangers preferring light skin and striving for it.  How do these mentalities translate into social norms and treatment? WATCH Like the doc-series Support at Source Negro Documentary  

Native American Spirituality In The United States Prison System {Part 2: Legal Restrictions on Spirituality}

Part 1 of our series on Native American Spirituality In The United States Prison System examined spiritual practices and sacred objects prohibited in prison and their importance. Part 2 asks the question, “How did this obvious denial of freedom to practice Native spirituality in prison begin?” Legal Battles to Protect Native American Spirituality in the […]

Housing Discrimination: The (Re)Mixed Family Edition

Housing Discrimination: The (Re)Mixed Family Edition My family and I are in the process of looking for a new apartment right now.  Much like those fantastic house-hunting shows on HGTV, we trek to different neighborhoods each weekend in search of the place that has almost everything on our wish list.  Chief among our concerns in […]

Rethinking Racism

  A link was shared with myself and fellow MF contributors for the daily put together by Sage Morada (@Shark_Magus on Twitter) called The Human Spectrum. This one day in particular, all the headlines focused on the same topic—a recent study showing that whites believe they are now the victims of racism more often than blacks. My […]