CNN Attacks Idea of Latina College Student on Sesame Street as “Silly”

CNN Thinks a Latina College Student on Sesame Street is a “Silly” Idea A recent story from a writer on CNN Opinion [read it here] has ridiculed a petition requesting that Sesame Street make their new Latina character into a college student.  The character, Nina, is currently depicted as having three jobs, one of which includes babysitting. According to the author […]

An Ideal Society: Believing in the Dream

racial unity integration dr. martin luther king jr.

An Ideal Society An ideal society – that is a beautiful concept, indeed. Ideal; while the term itself could indicate a standard of perfection, its excellence could also be assumed to exist only in the imagination. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. imagined, or dreamed rather, an ideal society that looked very much like the one I […]

5 Great Online Shops for Multicultural Families!

multicultural dolls like me

Looking for some great multicultural finds?  A unique gift idea?  Here are our top five multicultural online stores that are sure to meet your family’s needs!  Dolls Like Me Dolls Like Me has everything!  Dolls, parties supplies, multicultural toys and books, hair and skin care products.  It’s a one stop shop for parents looking a […]

Yes, It’s Black History Month for Everyone

 Image: The Shelf Life   I love Black History Month. People are holding events, celebrating, and talking about our African American heroes. The problem is that it seems only African Americans are participating in this month long celebration. If you walk around the streets of NYC and ask what’s special about the month of February, […]