Republicans Dismayed Over Loss of the Asian Vote {BlogHer}

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Republicans Dismayed over “loss” of the Asian Vote {BlogHer} by Grace Hwang Lynch Don’t make me say I told you so. In Mandarin Chinese, there is a phrase, wo gei ni shuo. Literally translated, it means, “Let me tell you…” But it also implies that you should pull up a chair, because what I have to say […]

#KidsVOTE Live Tweets!

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Celebrate Voting as a Family! Over the weekend, we asked you to share your pictures of your kids at the polls, your stories and blog posts about kids and politics.  Now we’re sharing them here with our readers!  Below is a round-up of links about parenting and politics, as well as our Storify thread full […]

Opinion: Why Latinos Need to Vote {NBCLatino}

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Opinion: Why Latinos Need to Vote by Stephen A. Nuño Some argue that neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney deserve your vote on Tuesday. But you are a fool if you consciously decide not to vote for president on Tuesday. You are a fool because this is your country and this is a democracy, and to abstain from […]

Romney’s Campaign Wedge: Drawing Race & Class Lines {}

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Romney’s Campaign Wedge: Drawing Race & Class Lines The issue of taxes is the Republican Party’s dog whistle on race. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan—engaged in a nail-biting political fight—have resorted to blowing it loudly and unashamedly. Combined with their new drumbeat on welfare—which amplifies race-signaling on taxes—their approach could work. No doubt Romney will […]

WATCH: The Importance of the Latino Vote in 2012 {NBC Latino}

NBC Latino's Sandra Lilley discusses importance of the Latino vote in 2012

Syndicated from NBC Latino’s Sandra Lilley discusses importance of the Latino vote in 2012 Really interesting video here and I think this is a must-watch if you want to understand the “Latino Vote“.  Basically, the conversation breaks down the reason why Latinos who may hold more Republican values, might not be comfortable voting for the […]

Redistricting Halted in Texas {}

Syndicated from Redistricting Halted in Texas Go ahead, tell me racism doesn’t exist. Tell me that it doesn’t play a role in the election process. Fellow Texans, can you believe this?  I know you’ve been watching it for a while and feeling helpless to stop what seemed like an unchecked redlining of political sectors in […]